Pay as You Go with Autodesk Flex

Autodesk just announced that the end-user will soon have another choice to use Autodesk license: flex licensing.

What is Flex licensing?

Flex licensing allows customers to purchase prepaid tokens and use them for various Autodesk products. This option used to be only available for Enterprise Business Agreement customers. But Autodesk decided to extend this offering to all customers.

Why do we need Flex Licensing?

This option is actually compelling for users who don’t use the software on a regular basis. Or if you only use the software once in a while. Imagine that you only use the software once a week. Purchasing tokens can be a better choice than purchasing a one-year subscription.

Another case is when you need to use another product but it’s not included in your industry collection. Imagine if you have AEC Collection and you need to use Inventor occasionally for creating infrastructure parts in InfraWorks. You can combine a one-year subscription for AEC Collection and token flex for Inventor.

Unfortunately, not all products are available using token flex.

Flex Licensing Availability

Flex token will be available on September 24, 2021.

More Information on Flex Licensing

For more information, you can visit this page: