Recommended Furniture Dimensions

Photography © Katsumi Hirabayashi   When PRISM Design and Mori Design were designing a modern villa in China, they decided to have a little bit of fun by creating a hidden bedroom.   The door to the bedroom is disguised as a simple and shallow wood bookshelf that’s located in the hallway, and that when opened, […]

Recommended furniture dimensions can make your renovations much easier and faster. Initially, you have to see the dimensions in your space and decide what style you need. Afterwards, you can see the dimensions and you can easily be inspired. Even more, maybe you will find something that matches your needs and your dimensions. You would only need to buy or make it and install it. The standard dimensions presented here are based on researches and they are suitable for most people. You just have to find the right elements for your home. Recommended Furniture Dimensions

Recommended Furniture Dimensions

Finally, see the examples here and in the link below the pictures.


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