Septic Tanks Systems and Designs

  Natalia Oleksienko of Evolutionary Architecture has designed the interiors of a modern penthouse apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.   Stepping inside, we see a living room with dark brick walls, wood floors, and a light colored couch. Next to the living room is the dining room with a wood dining table and ceiling feature. A […]

Septic tanks are underground tanks where the sewage is collected. These systems can be build in many ways. However, their building is not an easy and quick process. Firstly, the capacity of the tanks is 130 liters to 70 liters per head. After every two years these tanks should be cleaned. Around the tank, there is a brick wall with, and  foundation floor from thick cement. Usually, the tanks are round, they do not have corners. Secondly, you should make the tank waterproof. You can use Impermo, Accoproof or Cem-seal.Septic Tanks Systems and Designs

Septic Tanks Systems and Designs

See the video below. You can see the amazing explanation for these systems.


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