Steps Construction Details

Photography by Arch-exist   Landscape architecture firm ASPECT Studios, have recently completed phase 1 of Wantou & Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland, a community social plaza in Hefei, China. The vibrant and developing district is popular with millennials that have an appreciation for design and a unique pursuit for a high end modern living environment.   Photography […]

Steps, beside their primary function to connect the floors, they have another role to serve as an ornament in the home. For that purpose, the staircases can have different forms and designs. Thus, the materials for them can be from a wide range. For example, concrete, glass, wood, all of that combined with different colours and light fixtures. While designing the stairs, they can be with different height, with resting spots or else.Steps Construction Details

Steps Construction Details

See the pictures below, and if you want to learn more details about constructing stairs, visit the link below and read the details and the measurements.


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