Suitable Proportions for Bathrooms

The City of Toronto has a long, fraught relationship with development and vacancy. The map of the initial Toronto Purchase of 1787 between the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and the British Crown, which would later establish the colonial territory that became Toronto, conceives of the landscape as a single, clearly defined vacant lot anxious for development. Or, as artist Luis Jacob better described it, “signifying nothing but an empty page waiting to be inscribed at will.” Over two-hundred years later, as housing availability, prices, and rental shortages drive vertical condominium developments in the city, the politics of the vacant lot have never felt so palpable.

Suitable proportions are very important for getting the maximum of the space. If you have a bathroom for renovating, you should consider these general dimensions that are used by the professionals. Usually, these dimensions are used in public bathrooms, hotels, or restaurants. But, they can be very helpful even for your home bathroom. Considering the average body type, these dimensions instruct you for the sizes of the amenities, the space that should be free for moving around and else. Suitable Proportions for Bathrooms

Suitable Proportions for Bathrooms

See the pictures below and find what will be perfect for your private bathroom. Finally, for more details click the link below.


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