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Spaarndammerhart Housing / Marcel Lok_Architect + Korth Tielens Architects

December 6, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The Spaarndammerhart restores the urban fabric of the Spaarndammer neighborhood. The street that disappeared in the 1970s for the construction of the local school, Spaarndammerschool, has been restored. The plan also brings back two street walls and adds a public courtyard to the neighborhood. Accessible through two large gates, it also connects to De Klerk’s iconic ‘The Ship’ building. In fact, the neighborhood is characterized by several world-famous monuments of the Amsterdam School.

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FCA Houses / MFOLM Arquitectos

November 28, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The project is located in a suburban neighborhood in Mendoza province, Argentina. The program considers the design of two houses for two young sisters on a plot of irregular morphology. The proposals had to be harmonious with each other, as well as unique since each of them had to respond to the desires, needs, and different materialities required. A joint implementation study is carried out and basic parameters are highlighted such as orientation, use of the land, and the link or articulation between both projects.

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Apartment AT83 / Eterea Studio

November 22, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

This project is the remodeling of an apartment in the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. The apartment is located in a building from the seventies. The original floor plan and layout of the apartment cause the space to feel dark and with many wasted areas. The apartment has many advantages that were ignored in the original project, such as the wooded view, ventilation, and light that are rare in the area.

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Ronda House / HANGHAR

November 18, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The home is an exercise of limit­ed resources, in which the reduction of spatial, material, and technological solutions allows the maximum flexibility of use. In response to the ever-changing uncertainty we currently live in as a society, the project, the renovation of an existing 85m2 apartment, is conceived as an open and undefined system capable of functioning as a backdrop to whoever inhabits it. A propositional system, not a limiting one.

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Big Branzino Sauna / Sandellsandberg

November 13, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

Big Branzino is a floating sauna designed by Thomas Sandell and Johan Strandlund at the Swedish architecture firm sandellsandberg architects. Built to entertain guests and enjoy relaxing saunas around the archipelago, it is a wood structure on top of steel pontoons. Its shape is visible from afar and allows for panoramic views of nature from inside the sauna. The custom-designed sauna oven has glass in all directions, allowing the glow of the fire to be seen from the outside.

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Cranberry Pond House / Bryce de Reynier

November 12, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

The Cranberry Pond House is located on a parcel of an old farm in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains in New York State that is slowly re-establishing itself as a young woodland. The site overlooks a spring-fed pond that attracts frogs, turtles, beavers, osprey, herons, and ducks. The house is a sculptural form that rises above the landscape, allowing the site’s ecology and hydrology to flow under the house unimpeded.

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San José Chapel / Acrónimo | Arquitectura y Construcción

November 10, 2022 Valeria Silva 0

Located in the center of the “Madre Tierra” field, a place of orange, avocado, and lemon crops, in Montemorelos, Nuevo León. This project was born of a spiritual need: build a reflection space for the family and the community. This need calls for a respectful and perceptive architectural approach. The in-depth study of Christian liturgy and the northeastern countryside founded the design process. The “Capilla San José” is where faith and the countryside coexist in the same celebrational space.