Talha Chaudhary Design Sketches

located on the lule river in northern lapland, the hotel and spa will float during the summer and be suspended in the ice in winter days.

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Talha Chauldhary is and very talented artist who successfully manages to connect the 2D art with 3D art. The works are amazing but deceiving. The artist draws on a paper, but her sketches are so perfectly thought that they look like a 3D objects. This technique asks for lots of practice, lot of talent and lots of patience. Regardless, this artist mastered it and now we can admire the art that is given to the world. Talha Chaudhary Design Sketches

Talha Chaudhary Design Sketches

The design sketches by Chaudhary are on the pictures below. If you want to see more of the beautiful work of the artist, click the link below.


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