Techniques for Drawing Perspectives

The issue of how we educate our architects of the future is a divisive one. With the capabilities of our technology advancing rapidly, new mediums of Virtual Realityrobotics, and artificial intelligence are all changing the architectural profession at a fundamental level. This creates the question of whether architectural pedagogy is keeping up with the times and educating students to be ready for both professional practice and an uncertain future. 

Techniques are very important in every aspect of drawing or designing. Normally, there are different ways that can be used to present different objects. Or, to present the objects from a different point of view. Generally, that is the reason why we have different perspectives and special ways of drawing them. The forms on the paper can have dimension. For that reason, we need to use the one perspective, two or three-point perspective, worm’s eye perspective or bird’s eye perspective. There are many tricks for each perspective. Techniques for Drawing Perspectives

Techniques for Drawing Perspectives

In conclusion, you have the examples of the perspectives below. If you need more details, click the link below.


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