Tutorials for Three-Points Perspective

The private dwelling is a particularly favorable place in which to enjoy double-height spaces. This design strategy not only allows vertical spaces to be connected, but also enriches the functional and aesthetic possibilities of a building; often used in living rooms and kitchens, these spaces are designed to generate encounters between occupants. In this Photos of the Week selection, we present images by renowned photographers such as Kim ZwartsRena Lorenz, and Shigeo Ogawa

Tutorials can make every life easier and simpler. Regardless, if we speak for hobby or something connected to our profession, they can help a lot. Any tutorial offers a different point of view which can clarify the details for us. Thus, in this post you have the amazing tutorial for drawing a room in three-points perspective. For this perspective, as it is mentioned in its name, you will need three initial dots that will guide you. Tutorials for Three-Points Perspective

Tutorials for Three-Points Perspective

Finally, watch the tutorial below and try to recreate the image. Then try to practice more and make your own design of a room in this perspective.


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