Two-Dimensional Home Plans for Inspiration

Negotiating the steep topography of a lake-side site, this holiday house consists of two volumes stacked on one another. The lower volume nestles into the landscape so that it is barely visible as one first approaches the house. The upper volume rests on the lower one and on a concrete pier to form both a bridge and a cantilever. This massing strategy allows for increased access and permeability of the site and emphasizes the charged relationship between the building and the ground.

Two-dimensional plans are part of this post. Generally, the plans included in this post, will surely serve you as an inspiration and a good example. Firstly, the architects and the engineers encounter the wishes and the budget of the investors. Then, they fit their ideas into that space. But, before the start of the construction, the plans should be revised and discussed with the investors or the owners. Below, you can see some two dimensional plans for homes. Two-Dimensional Home Plans for Inspiration

Two-Dimensional Home Plans for Inspiration

Lastly, check the plans below and see if something can fit into your plans. Also, you can check the link below them.


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