Unconventional House Plans and Design

Building in Cuba is a complex endavour. For an architect, is an ever ascending challenge, that be by the perennial absence of materials, elevated costs or the commissioner´s reluctance to work on contemporary proposals. A cuban architect is an utopian character, whose work is not a necessity, neither aesthetic nor conceptual. Hustling in this hostile environment, Albor challenges reality guided by tis believe that from within the crisis, their architectural porposal can thrive and bloom.

Unconventional house that immediately caught our attention. The house facade is made of stone and it successfully blends into the nature. The greatest feature of the home is that is has enormous windows that will allow plenty of daily light into the interior. Also, you will have the possibility to enjoy the views and the nature. Furthermore, there is greenery all around and you can spend the evenings on the intimate patios and balconies. Unconventional House Plans and Design

Unconventional House Plans and Design

At last, see the images from different perspectives and angles, and carefully examine the attached plans. Also, click the link underneath.


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