Varieties of Geo-synthetics in Engineering

American studio Schaum/Shieh has used steel, concrete and wood to create a live music venue in Houston, Texas, that can handle large crowds and rowdy performances. White Oak Music Hall hosts live concerts for a range of music styles, including country, rock and jazz. The campus – which consists of a main concert hall, a pavilion

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Varieties of geo-synthetics are present and engineers use it both in construction and engineering. Consequently, the things that should be considered are use, function and property. The main characteristic of geo-synthetics is that there should be used raw materials but the final products should be very compact and consistent. Additionally, when constructor should worry and care about the budget, the geo-synthetics offers new possibilities and opportunities. So, new way and new methods come into the first plan. There are eight types of geo-synthetics. In civil engineering, they use one of these types.
Varieties of Geo-synthetics in Engineering

Varieties of Geo-synthetics in Engineering

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