3 Apartments with Industrial Inspired Concrete Wall Panels

The industrial design trend is making way for a cozier way of living to some extent. While urban loft spaces are still stylish, more and more designers are finding ways to take some of those harsher elements — like concrete and exposed steel — and warm them up with furniture and light. The three apartments featured in this post each have the concrete accent walls of the warehouse-chic look, but the design around those walls is soft and inviting, bringing in those trendy Scandinavian elements. The use of concrete, richly colored wood, and furniture that has clean lines, but also soft texture, makes for a welcoming and versatile home.

Visualizer: TALASON Studio  

The first home has the lofted ceilings of a more industrial loft space, but none of the elements like exposed ductwork that would indicate a reused property. Cozy furniture like nesting coffee tables with a fruit bowl perched on top brings warmth to the wide open space.

Even the smallest elements like a tiny planter can make a big difference in the personality of a home.

This home is clearly designed for someone that wants to feel calm and wants their guests to feel comfortable and welcome.

The warm wood elements, echoing from the ceiling to the floor, bring that cozy and welcoming vibe to space, playing off the harsher concrete.

Comfortable reading chairs like the one snuggled in the corner here are an excellent way to create those attractive space that make a house into a home.

Indeed, plenty of seating throughout this space means that it will be easy to fun to entertain.

In the living room, a unique end table will be a perfect place for a guest to set a drink, or in this case a coffee mug.

The kitchen is a subdued design, though it also provides plenty of space for those future dinner parties that are sure to materialize.

And no party would be complete with a way to refill glasses. This simple pitcher does the job.

The kitchen might come off as a little cool, but in the dining room the return of the warm wood is sure to get the party started.

Scandinavian style chairs are the perfect mix of form and function.

In fact, the concrete wall in the dining area is barely noticeable behind the lovely decorative elements and swaths of luscious wood.

Visualizer: Andrii Zhdanyuk  

The next design was done for the Apartments of the Capital in Warszawa.

Although considerably smaller than the first space, the same concrete and wood interplay is present. In the living room, wooden Rosendahl toys dot the modern white shelving.

Still, not much about this apartment — from the modern dining chairs to the eye-catching art indicates that a child is nearby.

Perhaps those living room toys are more for show, while the soft beige sofa is for sitting.

White kitchen stools with wire legs add a final grown up touch.

Visualizer: Nika Tokar  

The final space uses a light concrete on its walls, with corner rivets that add a bit of visual interest. In the main living space, unique floor lamps and indoor house plants bring a brightness to the room.

An eclectic mix of unique dining room pendants has a playful almost planetary feel.

The whole dining room, in fact, is quite chic and inviting.

The colorful accents in the dining chairs, throw pillows, and those pendants are creative and fun in an otherwise sleek, modern space.

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