40 Green Couch Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Design Around The Color

A green couch can communicate the uplifting essence of nature in striking olive, forest, and moss tones, making them a harmonious choice for a living space. They can also convey regal jewel tones that will take a decor scheme instantly upmarket, particularly when combined with a classic tufted finish or a sleek silhouette. It’s tempting to take the plunge to buy a green couch but will you be able to successfully design the rest of your space around such a colorful hero piece? To help you on your way to creating a balanced scheme, we’ve brought together 40 green couch living rooms with tips and ideas to design around the color.

Designer: Yama Architecture  

Green couches make a great link with the garden. This modern living room is blessed with lush garden views on each side, so a green sofa builds a bridge of color in between.

Visualizer: Maige Studio  

Balance a green couch with a large indoor plant. Green foliage will effectively expand upon the accent color in a natural way.

Visualizer: Anastasiya Zhigir’  

Make a tonal team. This moss green couch is paired with a slightly brighter green feature wall to make a color-saturated statement with definition.

Visualizer: F9 Studio  

Create playful color contrast. Here, a teal green couch appears vibrant as part of a red, yellow, pink and blue combo.

Visualizer: Martina Di Gangi  

Go all in. Engulf a green couch with a matching green ottoman and lounge chair, green wall paint, and complementary wall art.

Designer: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow  
Photographer: David A. Land  

Devise an energized blue and green scene with clashing patterns across window drapes, scatter cushions and a statement area rug.

Designer: White Webb  

The underplayed hero. Whilst this green couch is an attention grabbing piece, it plays a supporting role to photographic art and an oversized botanical display.

Source: Designers Guild  

Mild and mellowing. This solid green couch tames a floral-filled scheme, giving the eye a place to rest away from a chaotic feature wall and matching drapes. Throw pillows add a linking tone.

Source: Ikea  

Two-tone triumph. Combine a two-tone beige and green couch with matching walls to create a cohesive color story.

Visualizer: Sanye Design Studio  

Get the green couch aesthetic without going all in. Select just one section of a modular sofa in a green accent shade and keep the rest completely neutral.

Visualizer: Ira Lysiuk  

Seafoam and blush make a soft and sweet combo.

Visualizer: Maria Stepanova, Olga Khovanskaya  

Take the hue of your green couch and continue all the way up to the ceiling. In this example, fitted bookcases, made-to-measure drapes, and a custom media cabinet complete the color-blocked look.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Apply a perforated color wall. This panel of circular cutouts reveals a glimpse of relaxing sage green, which compliments the couch. See more inspiration for sage green interior design.

Photographer: Christopher Lee Foto  

Vintage green velvet couches add plush, eclectic energy to a living room.

Photographer: Kadir Asnaz Photography  

Fill your green couch living room with flashes of alternative color. This predominantly white room decor scheme is brightened with a modern green couch, red rag rugs, and sunny yellow statement chair.

Photographer: Kroniki Studio  

Muted yet masterful, this teal green couch living room is styled with contrasting shades. A dusky rose lounge chair and pink shelf inserts add softness, whilst a black feature wall creates an edgy statement.

Visualizer: Frame Studio CG  

Natural wooden accents provide warm complementary tones in a green couch living room.

Visualizer: Yevheniia Nahorna  

Another green and wood tone partnership, this time with a more mellow color combination.

Designer: N Team Studio  

In an open plan space, there isn’t the option to hang complementary artwork above a green couch. Instead, build an elevated planter in which to house a decorative display of indoor plants.

Source: Neptune  

Counterbalance the formality of a regal emerald green couch with textual stucco wall decor.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

Create a perfect pairing with a green couch and matching coffee table.

Visualizer: Eugene Kolomiychenko  

Pink and green make a perfect marriage. The earthy quality of green decor is considerably sweetened by sugary pink elements. In this green and pink living room, a panel molded pillar receives a chic color-blocked treatment.

Visualizer: Loparev Design  

Shadowy shades of green and gray make a sophisticated meld.

Visualizer: Enjie Aude  

Even in the shadows, a dark green couch draws the eye.

Visualizer: Start Studio  

This eye-catching rug almost steals the show from a fabulously curvaceous green couch design and ottomans. Almost, but not quite.

Visualizer: Cartelle Design  

Create one uninterrupted flow. If your green couch will be situated alongside your kitchen installation, consider creating one continuous flow of green with color-matched base units.

Visualizer: ToTaste  

Grab inspiration from opposite sides of the color wheel with a green couch and red accent pieces. Employ patterned scatter cushions to bring the two colors together.

Visualizer: Kostia Drevich  

In this red and green living room design, a single red statement wall gives a green couch new vibrancy.

Designer: Nazarius Shore  

Alternatively, utilize a statement staircase as your contrasting color piece.

Visualizer: 小主 小主  

For those who prefer a more muted color palette, deep burgundy red offers a less shocking backdrop for a green couch design.

Visualizer: Vikki’s Workshop  

Create a conversational curve of green living room furniture.

Visualizer: Paulina Poplawska  

Combined with classic wall paneling and antique art, a green couch sits right at home in a neoclassical living room.

Visualizer: Kupinskiy Architects  

Don’t be afraid to color a large modular couch arrangement with green upholstery. With the right shade, the expansive volume will be reminiscent of rolling hills.

Visualizer: Xudojnik Dizayner  

Brighten a dark green couch with a single pop of golden yellow. Add gold accent furniture to complement the tone.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalcev  

Add a green couch to embolden a boho theme.

Visualizer: Thao Nguyen  

Combine different shades of green upholstery to avoid an overmatched, unimaginative appearance.

Designer: Studioe  
Visualizer: Subpixel  

Versatile green couches accept a variety of accent shades and artistic touches. Go wild with throw pillows, art, and lighting.

Designer: Alexandra Bertova & Daria Savitskaia  

Sharpen up a green couch with modern black accents.

Visualizer: Trang Le  

Add shades and highlights to a green couch in one sitting with gray and white cushions and throws.

Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk  

A green couch makes an inviting landing spot inside this glass walled room, almost like the call of a freshly mowed lawn outside of patio doors.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Remold a flat decor scheme. This gray and brown room scheme would be cold and drab without an injection of green. The shade of the couch is muted but different enough to cause a stir.

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