51 Gorgeous Green Dining Rooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Revitalising, invigorating, fresh and sublime, green dining rooms create good vibes. A green scheme can be cool and calm in minty hues, deeply sophisticated in emerald and forest shades, or energised in saturated lime. Whatever your character and energy, green is an adaptable choice. Singe feature walls and coordinated accessories are an ideal way to bring in a splash of colour without committing fully to the theme, as they can be easily and cheaply changed out. However, if you’re gutsy enough, then making a cash investment into a fully green dining set or colour statement cabinets will give the most gorgeous impact. With so many options, how will you go for green?

Visualizer: Polina Poludkina  

Sage green and simple. The calming tones of a light sage backdrop will make dinner times tranquil, and a small pop of colour will instill that desirable modern edge.

Designer: 2LG Studio  

Turn the tables in a fully turquoise decor scheme. Why stop at a feature wall when you can include matching dining hutches and dining table?

Visualizer: Olovo  

Build up tonal interest. This kitchen diner includes two shades of cabinets, and a third green hue on the walls. The combination builds depth and dimension.

Visualizer: JUST studio projektowe  

Partner heritage hues with traditional panel moulding and decorative coving to make a dining area with classic elegance.

Visualizer: Allan Borges  

Share the spotlight. With a strong wall colour it’s important to ensure that other elements don’t pale into insignificance. Cluster dining room pendant lights for added impact, and choose dining chairs with interesting silhouettes.

Source: Muuto  

This 50/50 split black and green modern dining room scheme is coupled up with the stylish 70/70 Table with solid oak top by TAF for Muuto.

Visualizer: Nelson de Araújo  

Light wood and honeydew melon walls make a mellow match. Team the palette with melon slice half moon motifs to sweeten the theme.

Source: Little Greene  

Picture perfect in pea green. The deep window frames in this dining room have been painted over in the same pea green shade as the surrounding walls for a fully saturated scheme. The single colour walls and colour coordinated dining chairs create a fearless effect.

Go loud with a love for lime and lemon. Cut through the zest with white accents to let the brightness breathe.

Designer: d2 interieurs  

Another one for lime lovers.

Designer: Terraza Balear  

Your green hero piece doesn’t even have to be in the room. If you have a stunning garden or forest view, keep the interior pale to let the outdoor greenery be your mural. Add a subtle green centrepiece to the table to draw just a little bit of that natural colour inward.

Architect: HGAA  

Even narrow outdoor spaces can host a plethora of living greenery to boost the interior mood.

Designer: Paul Rudolph  

Of course, you can always move the garden inside too! This clear perspex dining set disappears before an indoor jungle, unleashing flourishing foliage in full effect.

Visualizer: Svoya studio  

Plant a vertical garden for dense green coverage.

Visualizer: 3DCastro  

A smaller take on the vertical garden, this time sandwiched between a base of tiles and a custom cut mirror on top. The wall of plants stimulates the illusion of a refreshing alfresco eating area, which is helped along by a rustic wooden dining table.

Visualizer: Pavel Vetrov  

Combine the vertical garden aesthetic with a row of display shelves for a custom look. This approach also presents the opportunity to inject a contrasting accent colour, or multiple, over the shelves with knick-knacks and books.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

For those daunted by the installation and upkeep of a living wall, a raised indoor planter provides a more low-key solution for achieving an effective garden atmosphere.

Visualizer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Botanical walls don’t have to be living at all, and are entirely up to artistic interpretation. This mural blooms with a coral element that uplifts the green base.

Visualizer: Thao Nguyen  

Here, botanical wallpaper fills an architectural archway. An oval dining table has been selected to complement the curved feature.

Visualizer: Irina Yavtushenko  

Position a bush of painted fronds directly behind the cushions of a banquette seat to establish a fun connection between background and foreground pieces. Locate a couple of living fronds for the table centrepiece to draw the theme forward.

Visualizer: Muhammed Shafeek M A  

Just frame it. Minimal fuss, minimal commitment. A framed botanical print and a cluster of green glass vases does the trick on a shoestring budget.

Visualizer: Custom Design Construction  

Wood, gold and green paint a rich and natural scheme. A tall mirror helps to increase the sense of space in this small dining room design, and doubles the impact of a golden sputnik chandelier.

Visualizer: Pure Render  

Speaking of impact, check out this divine green tasseled dining room pendant light! Six perfectly colour matched dining chairs honour the spectacular ceiling fixture.

Designer: U Interior Design  

Why settle for plain coving when you can opt for a border of bold colour? Wrap the stripe around an entire open plan room to give the space cohesivity.

Designer: Christy Allen Designs  

Or, take colour all the way onto the ceiling to bring down high rafters. This scheme employs the help of a sputnik chandelier to help draw the eye upward.

Visualizer: 33bY Architecture  

An olive green dining room has deliciously comforting vibes when coupled with a curvaceous wooden dining set. Include a couple of low hanging pendants to add a cosy glow.

Visualizer: Min Maung Han  

Copper accents make a lustrous companion for a green dining room set up. These tufted dining chairs satisfy both sides of the colour brief.

Copper has been switched out for precious gold accents in this emerald green dining room. A golden chandelier drips from a high ceiling with neo-classical coving, and gold candlesticks top a gold frame table.

Visualizer: Evgenia Belkina  

Think outside the box by painting inside the picture frames! This unusual paint effect really draws attention to the muted green wall colour. A black pedestal dining table connects with the darker elements of the art, whilst ruby dining chairs pull out the pink tones.

Visualizer: Jolanda Kruse  

Establish presence in an open plan layout. A single section of colour will anchor a dining zone in a large white living space, and a green colourway is a particularly fitting choice for rooms with a lush view. In this design, a banquette seat sets the outer limits for the colour treatment, along with a length of modern track lighting.

Visualizer: Anna Makukha  

A dark green kitchen sets a sophisticated mood for this dining area. Oversized white pendant lights and a pale dining table lighten the look.

Visualizer: Denis Glushanin, Ilya Shubochkin & Marina Donskikh  

Play with room proportions. This dark green wall of panel moulding is teamed with pale sage walls at the sides to visually alter the width of the room.

Designer: Anne-Sophie Pailleret  

This larger room goes all out with a single shade of green, which allows golden accents sing out brightly from dining pendant lights and a pair of unusual wall lights.

Designer: Robyn Donaldson  

Black & white plus green equals a high contrast scheme with fresh infusions. The round dining table and chairs introduce a comforting, warming natural element.

Visualizer: Home D  

Make lighter, brighter spaces with mirrors. To stop an all green scheme becoming dark, incorporate a section of mirrors. They will reflect the green elements from the other side of the room but they will also reflect the natural light.

Designer: Zulufish  

Restrict coloured accents to just a nook, with a green upholstered banquette and matching dining chairs.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Another gorgeous green dining nook.

Visualizer: Olexandr Melnyk  

Extravagant dining room chandeliers crown this regal green scene with crystal and gilded chain. A traditional fireplace completes the manor house befitting design.

Visualizer: Noha Ahmed  

Another traditionally inspired design with a classic chandelier, but this time with a much lighter, airy feel.

Visualizer: Andrey Ryazanov  

This one comes back to the contemporary with a modern chandelier that pulls across the entire open plan dining area and lounge, just like its long green accent wall.

Designer: Hayon Studio  

Can’t change your old colour dining set? No problem. Create a colour block design by layering your existing set with a green background and a brightly contrasting area rug.

Visualizer: Yurii Zabuzhko  

Shake up a green panel moulded room by picking out the moulding with striking black paintwork. This works particularly well with a black dining set to match. Choose a light coloured chandelier to boost the dark combo.

Visualizer: Studio Proxy  

Green elements are used to anchor every zone in this open plan interior. The lounge has a bottle green accent wall, the kitchen has its coloured peninsula, and the dining area is established with a colour matched round dining table and chairs.

Visualizer: Studio Artere  

Let art be the start of a colourful relationship. Check out how the dog in the pic looks longingly at the globe pendant lights as though wanting to catch the falling balls!

Visualizer: Nimbusart  

Blocks of contrasting black, white and green jostle to form an energised scene that keeps the eye moving. A linear suspension light drops a floating note of black in front of a pea green kitchen workspace, and green accent chairs challenge white counterparts.

Designer: Love Country Design  

This modern dining table set makes light contrast with daring dark green dining hutches.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Another room of contrast, this time bringing the green accent to the foreground against a wall of deep burgundy cupboards.

Visualizer: DUDES architect  

Light green and loaded with natural wood, this is a room for restful reflection.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Graphite grey and teal green issue the same satisfying saturation.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Green and shapely, this room rounds out with smooth painted green sections and curved modern mirrors.

Visualizer: VN Studio  

Just one piece of furniture can bring the green colour theme to your dining room–especially if it’s one huge bookcase.

1. Fruit bowl
2. Saarinen Tulip style dining chair
3. Green pendant light
4. Peas salt and pepper shakers
5. Green placemats
6. Green dining chair
7. Botanic art prints
8. Green glass vase
9. Green wine goblet

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