51 Rugs that are Brimming with Coziness and Textural Appeal

Looking for a simple and affordable addition to your home that has a big impact? An area rug may be just what you need. A rug is the perfect accessory not just to keep your feet off the cold floor, but also to add a layer of visual warmth and texture to your interior design. They only take a few minutes to lay down, they can be used in virtually any space, and they come in endless colors and styles for every budget. So if you’re looking for a plush rug to add a cozy feel to your bedroom, a textural jute rug for an organic aesthetic, or a fun cat rug to add flair to your bathroom, our expertly curated collection has both you and your floors covered!

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Moroccan Area Rug: A distressed pattern and neutral colors make this Moroccan rug a go-to for homes that want to incorporate texture and pattern in a subtle way. A great choice to offset dark or colorful furniture, plus with its easy clean and durable surface, it is ideal for homes with kids. Available in Dark Grey or Grey (shown) in 18 sizes.


White High Pile Rug: If you are looking for fresh style and plush comfort, then look no further than this white high pile rug. This durable, loom weaved rug is sure to infuse any space with contemporary charm. Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors, Denim, Cream, or Light Grey (shown).

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Grey Rug: This grey rug may be simple, but it is none-the-less stylish with its tight weave and minimalist aesthetic. It offers stain resistance and a durable build at a budget-friendly price. It also comes in multiple sizes and colors, including Black, Red, Brown, and Navy Blue.


4 x 6 Green Rug: And if you’re looking for a bit of color, this 4 x 6 throw rug is an amazing choice for adult and kids spaces alike. It is handcrafted with a blend of bold colors contrasting against a beige chevron pattern that strikes the perfect balance of fun and sophisticated. Available in 8 sizes and 3 colors, Indigo, Magenta, or Green (shown.)

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Navajo Rug: A colorful rug that embraces pastels in a fun way! Its low pile height and creamy beige finish will lend any room a dash of comfort and an earthy aesthetic. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Encouraging Review: “I got the 5×7 for my daughter’s bedroom as a way to add just enough color without making it too busy, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

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Oriental Area Rug: This oriental rug doesn’t need bold hues to stand out—it instantly draws the eye with its intricate Persian-inspired pattern. A fantastic neutral foundation to build any living room, bedroom, or living room layout. Available in multiple colors and 2 sizes.


Colorful Oriental Rug: Another oriental style rug, but one for those who crave some color. The assortment of colors woven through this rug highlight the elaborate distressed pattern to make it an instant focal point in any room. Perfect for spaces that want to offset simple furniture or incorporate a boho vibe.

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Prayer Rug: A woven tribal kilim that has been handcrafted from wool and expertly colored with natural dyes. An excellent rug to blend with either traditional or modern decor. Short on floor space? This work of art would also look exceptional as a wall hanging.

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Patterned Black and White Rug: Not only will this plush rug help any room feel fresh and contemporary, but its charcoal and cream coloring will effortlessly blend with almost any color scheme. Its polypropylene construction means that is highly durable—it even boasts being able to stand up to muddy shoes in the entryway. Available in 13 sizes.


Striped Black and White Rug: A simple rug with a bold impact. This chunky striped rug can be used indoors or outdoors and it makes for quite the eye-catching welcome mat. It is UV stabilized, can withstand all weather conditions, and it’s super easy to clean. Just hose off and dry, and you are good to go! Available in 3 sizes.


Black and White Runner Rug: Even your hallway could benefit from the style that a black and white rug offers. This runner rug features a boho-inspired pattern that will elevate any floor from the hallway to the kitchen. Black and white not for you? This design is also available in White or Blue.

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Flokati Rug: Adding a rug to a bedroom is one of the simplest ways to make the space feel more cozy, and we love the versatility of this black and white rug in particular. The dynamic black lines found throughout create a sense of movement, while the design as a whole feels like a minimalist piece of art for your floors. Available in 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, or 9′ x 12′.

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Red Bedroom Rug: Or, if your bedroom could use the warmth or sensuality that a red rug can bring, this flatweave is a luxurious find. Designer Hella Jongerius says a successful rug has 3 components, “…Interesting yarns, great construction and the right technique to give the pattern dazzling oxygen.” We would say this red beauty certainly hits all the marks! Available in 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, or 9′ x 12′.


Braided Jute Rug: A braided jute rug is a fantastic—and affordable—way to add a layer of texture to your interior design. Its neutral coloring and earthy feel blends well with a variety of design styles, however, it look especially striking in a contemporary, French country, or coastal home. With 38 sizes and 9 colors available, you are sure to find just the right fit.

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Reversible Square Area Rug: A bit of color adds an extra layer of intrigue to this square rug. And since it is reversible, it has double the value—once one side wears out, you have a whole new rug waiting underneath! This would be an effortless addition to any coastal or boho space.


Floral Rug: Shifting to brighter colors, this rug sure knows how to pop with its bold floral pattern. It is best paired with solid colored furniture and simple chunky patterns, but it is versatile enough to effortlessly integrate into any space. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

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Watercolor Flower Rug: A piece of art for your floor! This floral rug has a softer aesthetic thanks to its watercolor style patterning. The vivid coloring will make your home feel spring fresh all year long, while the softness and durability is sure to keep you comfortable.

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Diamond Pattern Shag Rug: If you think shag rugs belong in the 70s, then you probably haven’t seen this modernized version. Its neutral coloring and diamond pattern make it a go-to for the contemporary home. Plus, you can’t beat the comfort of that plush high pile! Available in 12 colors, including bold options like pink and teal.

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Safavieh Rug: Sometimes simple is best and this Safavieh rug knows it. It will infuse any room with a scoop of coziness thanks to its high pile design, while its neutral coloring will ensure it doesn’t hog the limelight. Beige not your style? Give this budget-friendly rug your own twist by choosing from 20 colors and 12 sizes.

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Plaid Rug: Plaid has never looked as luxurious as it does in this flatweave area rug. Made by designer Hella Jongerius, this rug actually started off as a color test swatch for another project. However, the dynamic quality of the interwoven colors were too good to pass up. Filled with rich texture and an array of alluring colors, this rug is a must! Available in 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 10′, or 9′ x 12′.

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Cowhide Rug: From the living room to the bedroom and everywhere between, this hand sewn luxury rug is sure to infuse any space with unprecedented style. We adore its patchwork construction and soft feel. Also available in Grey.

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Sheepskin Rug: Meditation, curling up by the fire, or enhancing a corner nook, a sheepskin rug is a highly versatile option. This rug measure 4′ x 6′ and is handcrafted from 100% genuine New Zealand & Australian wool, along with a genuine suede back for non-slip grip. Available in multiple colors, including punchier shades like Orange, Pink, Yellow, or Purple.

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Faux Fur Rug: We didn’t forget about those who prefer faux fur. This soft rug may not be genuine fur, but it looks and feels like the real deal. You will have everyone fooled into thinking you paid almost double the price! A surefire way to add a cozy cabin feel to any space big or small.

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Bear Rug: We couldn’t bear to leave this guy off our list! After all, he is flat out one of the coolest bear rugs we have seen and would look great in a kids room, play space, or anywhere that could use some quirky flair.


Kids Play Rug: A rug that knows how to have fun! This playmat is a classic and a must for any kid’s space. Not only is it great to play with toy cars on, but it will keep your kid’s bottom off of the cold floor.

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Round Pinocchio Rug: A round rug that instantly caught our eye not just with its bright aesthetic, but its unusual build. It is made from hand rolled, multi colored felt balls that have been stung onto a single cord and sewn together into a circular shaped. Why is this rug called Pinocchio? It is named after Danish sugar-coated licorice.

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Colorful Oval Jute Rug : Oval rugs like this one often have a more playful feel. They are great to place under furniture and can help soften a room’s overall aesthetic. This rug in particular features a hand braided jute construction and a warm foundation that is perfect for a country-inspired kitchen or a sunroom that could use some color.

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Jute Rug by Drew Barrymore: From a child star to owning her own home line, there isn’t much that Drew Barrymore can’t do! This stylish round rug from her Flower Home Collection will help give your space a light and airy feel thanks to its jute build and great use of negative space.

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Jute Flatweave Area Rug: Organic simplicity is the name of the game with this jute flatweave rug. It features that signature jute texture, a tight weave, and a tasseled fringe. Want texture AND color? Get this rug in Light Blue, Navy Blue, or Orange.


Chevron Living Room Rug: Add a bold touch to any living space with this large chevron rug in black and beige. Not only does it look great, but it is also stain resistant, so kids or messy adults can be clumsy in peace. Available in 4 sizes.


Living Room Rug: A modern abstract rug with speckled accents and warm hues may be just the foundation your interior decor needs. A noteworthy rug that is anything but ordinary and sure to get noticed in any setting from the dining room to the living room. Also available in Blue or Black.

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Braided Runner Rug: This 100% cotton runner rug is a fun and versatile option. Encouraging Review: “Unique shape, well made, the colors are beautiful and it’s reversible for twice the wear. Plan to order a few more now that I know how wonderful it is. Everyone wants to know where I found it.”

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Grey Rug Set: Make a path with these in your home and everyday could be like playing the adult version of The Floor is Lava! These stone rugs are a unique way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Their organic shape was inspired by stepping stones stretching across a stream.


Hearth Rug: Hand tufted in India and extra thick, this hearth rug will make your fireplace not only feel extra cozy, but protect your floor as well. Made from 100% wool and available in multiple colors.


Small Cat Rug: A rug after a cat lovers heart. This small rug makes for an excellent bath mat, children’s seating mat, or door mat. But don’t be surprised if your furry friend tries to claim it for themselves.

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White Traditional Rug: Subtle patterning sets this white rug apart from the crowd. While its design blends enough to not overwhelm a room, it certainly adds an extra layer of intrigue and texture that many plain rugs lack. Available in 15 colors and multiple sizes.


Navy Blue Area Rug: Add a sea of blue serenity to your space with this simple rug. It offers a rich blue color, stain resistance, PET fibre construction that utilizes recycled water bottles, and a plush surface that feels amazing not just to walk on, but sit on as well. Blue not for you? Try it in one of the other 6 colors available.


Red Area Rug: Bold red and extra plush, this high pile rug is all about comfort and the wow-factor—without any bells and whistles. Just a quality rug that will surely add comfort to any space. Available in 19 sizes and 18 colors.

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Geometric Red Rug: Or perhaps you want a red rug with a bit more intricacy. The hexagonal pattern on this option is perfect for adding something a little extra, without being over the top. Available in multiple colors, including yellow which gives off some major bee hive vibes.


Long Rag Rug with Tassels: This rag rug filled with trendy colors is a chic and contemporary choice for any floor. It leaves a soft cotton feel underfoot and quite the impression, making it an excellent addition to any casual space. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

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Round Rag Rug: Another rag rug, but this time in a whimsical circular shape. It has an artful appeal that will be an asset to any home, especially those looking for Bohemian chic decor. Smaller sizes starting at $33.

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Cream Ripple Rug : The way that the black backing of this rug deepens the overall texture and offsets the creamy ripples is sure to turn a few heads. It definitely caught our attention! Its two tone finish and ripple effect were inspired by “rolling hills in a landscape of abundance.”


Cat Ripple Rug: After all, they might leave your new rug alone if you buy them their own! The Cat Ripple Rug will keep your feline friends occupied for hours with multiple holes to dip and dive in. It acts as a multi-activity center for not just playing, but hiding, sleep, and scratching as well. With over 2000 reviews, it is clear that both cats and their humans love it!


Square Grey Sisal Rug: An affordable rug that doesn’t skimp on style. It perfectly captures the look of real sisal, while having much more durability for high traffic areas—and a lower price. It is available in 6 colors and 5 sizes.


Round Sisal Rug: A round rug that should definitely be considered if you want something eco-friendly. This handwoven jute rug offers a style that is highly versatile. Pop it under your white furniture for a bit of contrast or add it to your bedroom to breathe new life into the room. Available in 6 colors and multiple shapes.


Small Checkered Outdoor Rug: Whether you want to welcome guests in style or impress the mailman, this outdoor rug has your back. It is a 27.5″ x 43″ sized rug—4″ wider and 7″ longer than commonly available rugs—so it is perfect for layering!

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Indoor Outdoor Rug: A stain resistant rug that can be utilized indoors or outdoors. It is a highly affordable pick with tons of positive reviews. Available in 9 sizes. Encouraging Review: “Absolutely love it! It looks and feels exactly like the real sisal I put in my clients homes all time… I would definitely purchase this again.”


Round Outdoor Rug: Or maybe your patio could use the soft curves that a round rug offers. If that’s the case, this all-weather rug provides quality craftsmanship and unmatched style. It will keep things cozy, while its light color ensures it wont get burning hot on summer days. Available in multiple colors and shapes.


Fun Round Outdoor Rug: Flowers that never need to be watered? Sign us up! This round floral rug will infuse your outdoor area with a pop of rich color that won’t fade or stain. So even when your real blooms start to fade, this rug has you covered! Available in 4 patterns and 14 sizes.


Blue Outdoor Area Rug: The boho rug that your outdoor setup needs. Its rich blue color is ideal to add depth and a beachy aesthetic to your space. Encouraging Review: “This rug is even more beautiful than the picture! The colors are bold and vibrant…just perfect with my blue and turquoise outdoor decor.”

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Coastal Outdoor Rug: Give your patio some beach vibes this summer with this striped coastal rug. Its white base will make any setup feel bright and fresh, while its various blue stripes strike up memories of serene blue waters. Also available in Terracotta.

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