51 Rustic Coffee Tables That Redefine Shabby Chic

A coffee table isn’t just a fantastic place to rest your feet or a cup of tea, it can also serve as storage space, an anchor for your living room layout, or even a makeshift workspace. But with so many types and styles available, which one is right for your home? If you are looking to embrace Farmhouse, Cottage, Beach, Country or Industrial style, a rustic element can be a great choice. A coffee table with a rustic finish or design can add the perfect finishing touch to rooms that are in need of a little texture and character. Plus, many are made of long-lasting solid wood that only garners more character with a few knicks and scratches!

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Rustic Wooden Coffee Table With Wheels: Consider rolling this option into your home for a look that is Industrial and chic. With its wood design, metal accents, and wheels, this is one rustic coffee table that will make sure your furniture stays stylish and your essentials are in reach.

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Rustic Chevron Patterned Wooden Coffee Table: Contemporary meets Mid-Century Modern with this simple hair pin leg coffee table that has been elevated to new heights thanks to its chevron patterned table top. A wonderful choice for smaller homes that want simple furniture with an artistic touch.

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Rustic X Coffee Table: X marks the spot and in this X coffee table’s case, it is showing us the way to one of the best rustic furniture pieces! Promising Review: “Absolutely love this table!!!! Came packaged nicely and was very easy to put together. I am very impressed with the quality and just how sturdy it is for the price. We just moved into a new house and am going with the Farmhouse look and it’s just perfect. I highly recommend this table and couldn’t be happier!”

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Rustic Farmhouse Style Coffee Table: The recycled Elm table top and contrasting finishes on this rustic coffee table help give it that highly sought after Farmhouse vibe. The matching side table and console table are also available.

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Large Rustic X Coffee Table: The large and contemporary coffee table that every Farmhouse or Cottage style home needs! The clean lines, natural finish, and contrast on this piece rocket it up near the top of our list of favorites. Matching end table and sofa table also available.

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Rustic Rectangular Grey Coffee Table: Charm, vintage appeal, and storage, this coffee table has it all! The metal detailing elevates this design to new heights by perfectly contrasting the light wood. A must for anyone that wants pieces with vintage appeal and functionality.

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White Reclaimed Rustic Wood Coffee Table: Who knew such a small coffee table could have such big style!? This reclaimed wood option is sure to add some personality into any space with its distressed finish and rustic charm. Not looking for a white coffee table? This design is also available in a Natural finish.

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Rustic Nesting Coffee Tables: Sleek and stylish, these nesting tables are Contemporary gems. With their rustic wood tops and chunky hair pin legs they harmonize well with Farmhouse homes and Contemporary decor.


3 Table Top Rustic Coffee Table: 3 table tops is better than 1! This multi level design is sure to add intrigue to any room. Perfect to display a special piece of decor and hold your coffee. For a little over $50, this option is hard to beat!


Rustic Industrial Coffee Table: Rustic and chic, we can’t believe how affordable this option is! This should be seriously considered for rustic decor lovers on a budget.

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Rustic Barn Door Coffee Table: Leaving the barn door open isn’t such a big deal for this coffee table. This design excels at hiding clutter while infusing any room with a refined, rustic touch.

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Rustic Pine Wood Coffee Table: Whether it’s coffee among friends or movie night with the family, this large pine coffee table is up to the task! It not only features a generous amount of table space, but it also has ample storage. An amazing multi-tasking piece that will help you stash away extra blankets, pillows, or other odds and ends.

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Square Rustic Gray Coffee Table: When simplicity is key, this rustic gem is a home run! The crisscross base and butcher block top with tonal variations allows for just the right amount of intrigue, all without stealing the spotlight. Matching end table also available.

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Black Rustic Coffee Table: If our last choice was still not simple enough for you, then try this table. It has no fancy bells and whistles, but it has a dramatic dark finish that gives it some mega style points! Want something fresh and airy? This coffee table is also available in White.

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Square Rustic Country Coffee Table: Rustic elegance was the first phrase we thought of when looking at this beauty. Its curved columns and rustic finish create a look that is well-suited for Farmhouse, Beach, or Country decor.

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Rustic Wooden Coffee Table With Pull Out Drawers: A rustic coffee table that will not only infuse your home with some poignant style, but some extra storage space as well. With 1 large drawer disguised as 3, this rustic charmer has room to house everything from remotes and magazines to extra pillows and blankets.

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Rustic Glass Coffee Table With Storage: This coffee table has an airy aesthetic thanks to its glass top and seemingly weightless floating drawers. A versatile option that many decor styles would benefit from.

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Rustic Oak Coffee Table: This coffee table has “Farmhouse Chic” written all over it. A great choice if you are looking to store more visually appealing items like books, magazines, or select accessories.

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Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table: A lift top coffee table with a rustic vibe? Finally! This multi-tasking table is great for both storage and an extra work area, all while remaining affordable and Farmhouse chic.

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Rustic Reclaimed Oak Lift Top Coffee Table: Much like the previous option, this rustic gem is full of storage both under and inside, plus it features a handy lifting table top that instantly makes any couch into a workspace. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to work from the comfort of their couch!

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Modern Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table: We love the versatility of lift top coffee tables, so we couldn’t resist adding another to our list. This one takes on a more minimalist look and a more airy aesthetic thanks to its simple build and open bottom.

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Long Rustic Coffee Table: If intricate is more your style, then this rustic coffee table might be the one for you. Designed with X-braces made out of lacquered pine wood, it is a prominent centerpiece for your living room that will anchor your space while accentuating your decor.

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Rustic Ottoman Coffee Table: This ottoman coffee table strikes the perfect combo of rustic and cozy with its wood base and lush tufted top. Available in Beige, Dark Grey, and Grey (shown).

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Rustic Style Wood And Galvanized Iron Coffee Table: This unusual coffee table is sure to be the talk of any dinner party or soiree. It is crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled iron barrels to create an eye-catching piece with a truly unique look.

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Rustic Mediterranean Style Storage Coffee Table: The weathered finish on this solid wood coffee table gives it a poignant Mediterranean vibe. It is equipped with two drawers that are perfect to stash away any odds and ends, plus it requires zero assembly.

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Rustic Storage Trunk Coffee Table: Another trunk table, but this time with a more refined style thanks to its polished finish and intricate detailing.

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Rustic Chic Coffee Table: It’s not every day we see a concrete and wood table with such undeniable style! This sturdy and functional accent piece uses a mix of both shapes and materials to draw the eye.

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Small Rustic Coffee Table: Because even small living rooms and dens should have a coffee table! This small double tiered table has enough room to display a few key pieces and rest a drink or two. Looking for a fresh feel or bold color? This option is also available in White or Turquoise.

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Rustic Barn Wood Coffee Table: Add some rustic charm to low furniture setups with this barn wood coffee table. This simple design leaves all the embellishments to the grain of the wood and we can see why—with a gorgeous grain like that, there is no competition.

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Rustic Log Coffee Table: This natural beauty is a must for cottage and cabin decor. The rough, chiseled ends and natural finish make this log table a stand out choice.

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Rustic Style Hexagonal Reclaimed Fir Wood Coffee Table: Add an earthy aura to any living space with this hexagonal coffee table. Made from reclaimed fir, it has a distinct rustic vibe that will meld well with everything from Traditional to Contemporary decor.

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Round Rustic Glass Coffee Table With Driftwood Base: Bring the feel of nature into your home with a coffee table perched upon an earthy driftwood base. Due to the nature of the wood, no two coffee tables will be alike, leaving you with a piece of furniture that is one-of-a-kind. You can also get a cheaper, smaller version here.

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Teak Branch Wood Coffee Table: We’re going to go out on a limb here and say this is one of the most interesting coffee tables we have ever seen. If you are looking for table that is sure to turn a few heads, then this option should definitely be on your shortlist!

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Tree Slice Coffee Table: This little slice of heaven is a must-have for those looking to incorporate rustic organic design and natural elements into their home. Each one of these coffee tables is distinct thanks to the variation in grain pattern.

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Rustic Nautical Themed Coffee Table: Looking to embrace some quirky, nautical themed decor? This coffee table is all about that- or should we say aBOAT that. Made from solid wood, no assembly required.

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Round Coffee Table: If fresh and simple appeals to you, then check out this round coffee table. The mango wood and natural finish give it a fresh and earthy feel that will pair well with many decor styles, although it would look especially stunning in a Scandinavian or Coastal style home.

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Round Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table: The simple design of this coffee table really allows for the beauty and intricacy of the wood grain to shine through. It is made with reclaimed pine and fitted with casters for mobility.

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Round Solid Acacia Wood Coffee Table: Another rustic barrel coffee table that uses subtle wood patterning and varying tones to great effect. Instead of only featuring the wood’s natural grain though, this earthy stunner takes it one step further with a wire brush surface treatment to create a horizontal distressing pattern.

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Rustic Round Distressed Wood Coffee Table: Dings and scratches will blend right into this round coffee table’s rustic finish. Your decor will love its unique shape and your books and accessories will find a new home on the bottom shelf—well, that is if your pets don’t claim it first!


Rustic Metal Cauldron Coffee Table: An offbeat choice that gives off some major Farmhouse vibes. This smaller coffee table is ideal for tighter spaces that still demand unique and eye-catching furniture.

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Modern Rustic Concrete Coffee Table: There is concrete evidence that this table is a great choice! Just check all the wonderful reviews for yourself. With its concrete build and acrylic finish, this table has the durability and style that any Modern or Industrial home could benefit from.

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Modern Rustic Wood And Concrete Coffee Table: A rustic coffee table that is aching to be incorporated into Industrial or Farmhouse decor. The combo of the warm wood finish and concrete base give this piece an aesthetic that is a mix of cozy and edgy.

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Rustic Recycled Metal Coffee Table: Recycled tin gets a second chance of life in this patchwork style metal coffee table. An amazing addition to Industrial style homes both big and small.

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Premium Rustic Metal Coffee Table: Organic design and luxury collide with this fun metal coffee table. Sculpted from fiberglass resin and overlaid with a brass finish, the design is well-suited for either residential or commercial decor.

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Rustic Oval Coffee Table: The Acacia wood top on this table is overflowing with a rustic warmth that you can only get from real wood. This a fantastic choice for contemporary cottages or anyone that is a fan of Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian style.

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Rectangular Live Edge Coffee Table: A simple solid wood coffee table that would look great with almost any decor. The smoothed out edges of this live edge option give it a softer look than many other tables on our list, making it ideal for rooms that want to cultivate a relaxing or cozy feel.

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Rustic Live Edge Coffee Table: The rough edges of the live edge table top contrast flawlessly with the clean and simple hair pin legs in this design. Pair with a plush carpet (like shown) to effortlessly create a contemporary and cozy vibe that feels grounded in nature.

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Rustic Style Tree Stump Coffee Table: A beautiful way to integrate a hint of organic design or nature in any space. This tree stump table is handmade and naturally one-of-a-kind since every tree is different!

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Square Teak Slice Coffee Table: Conserving the environment has never been so stylish! This teakwood coffee table is sure to leave a lasting impression with its unusual, organic shape that has been crafted with scraps that would of otherwise been routed to the landfill.

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Rustic Themed Faux Stone Outdoor Coffee Table: While most outdoor coffee tables stand out like a sore thumb, this one is a master of disguise with its faux stone finish. It is the perfect piece to incorporate into your backyard if you want nature to take the limelight. Plus, like all the best rocks, it requires zero assembly!

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Rustic Outdoor Coffee Table: Harsh weather? No problem! This rustic outdoor coffee table is made with an all-weather, rust resistant powder coated aluminum base and a porcelain table top. Amazing for everything from displaying mouthwatering spreads of food during BBQs to holding a few cocktails during happy hour.

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