A Futuristic Family Home From The Far East

This extraordinary futuristic family home is shaped by a unique internal framework and eye-catching accent pieces. Visualised by Jingai Vision, the generously proportioned interior is intriguing at every turn. Modern furniture silhouettes, bold primary colour finishes, and trendy sculptural elements come together to create a journey of artistic discovery around the home. A particular area of interest is the sensational home entertainment room where a canopy of LED strips and a reflective black floor mould an atmospheric nightclub-like feel. The house is also equipped with a luxurious first-floor guest suite with a high-end kitchen diner, and an elder room that is designed with the more traditional tastes of its occupants in mind.

We begin this extraordinary home tour in a luxury living room with a futuristic framework. A curved and illuminated cutaway slices around the double height void, creating a prominent visual divide between the living room and the hallway. A second wood-clad frame retains an interior window to a parking garage that proudly showcases luxury cars.

Sculptural lounge furniture makes the living room appear more like an art gallery than a living room. Several acoustic panels are installed around the upper half of the room to dampen the sound, preventing echoes in the large space.

A round rug further dampens the acoustics in the room. A modern coffee table places an intriguing dual-colour design into the core of the predominantly neutral decor scheme.

Behind a sleek black chaise lounge chair, a trio of KAWS figurines hang out by the enviable car collection.

Underneath the modern staircase design, lunar lamps glow brightly on a wood effect platform.

A modern fireplace blazes beneath a floating chimney breast. Its open flames dance in a dual-aspect design.

The second sofa in the living room furniture arrangement is a cloud-like design. Its cumulus cloud component forms a central backrest in the multifaceted piece. This allows the people seated to look inward to the lounge, or outward to a neighbouring tea room.

The tea room design is modern and spacious. A courtyard fills the room with natural light. A ceiling-mounted fireplace heats the large area.

A golden stool complements the bright flame in the fireplace. A cobalt blue bench makes another startling colour statement along the length of the tea table.

Modern artwork in a vibrant red colourway makes a bright statement against pale, neutral wall decor.

At the other end of the living room, we exit into a connective space with a small courtyard design.

Bespoke storage units line the walls, floating clear of the floor to achieve a more spacious feel.

A red accent chair contrasts boldly with the natural greenery of the courtyard.

The modern home office is a chic, contemporary concept with solid blue accent furniture. An enormous, rectangular skylight lights up the room.

The desk features a monolithic black marble plinth at one end, which serves as an imposing decorative element.

Behind the unique desk design, a wall of storage and built-in shelves are backlit to add a moody ambience.

The first floor of the home harbours all of the private bedrooms. In the master suite, an upholstered bed features deep channel tufting that attains an almost sculptural effect.

A gold bedside table lamp stands elegantly on a floating unit that melds into a wall of fitted wardrobes.

A custom-cut panel is raised slightly off the headboard wall to create an illuminated feature.

In this modern bedroom design, a headboard feature wall is fashioned with smart panel moulding. This classic element seems uncharacteristic of the futuristic home design and begins the transition into a more traditional approach that is used in the elder room elsewhere.

A wall of glass blocks shares natural daylight with the ensuite. A blue bedroom pendant light drips colour over a unique bedside unit.

A small glass side table serves the opposite side of the bed, where it reflects light from the large bedroom windows.

The third bedroom is a striking space. Stone wall tiles provide a textural focal point behind a modern channel tufted bed. A unique stool adds interest at the edge of the bedroom rug.

A Bearbrick collectable by Medicom Toy introduces a fun metallic blue accent.

Around the window, beautiful traditional framework juxtaposes the youthful artistic interlude.

The home entertainment room is a mesmerising sight to behold. Seated somewhere between a home theatre design and a slick karaoke bar, this narrow room has a thrilling atmosphere that is set to impress house guests.

A canopy of LED strips envelops the sensational space, reflecting upon a reflective black floor treatment.

Backlit perforated metal panels mould an edgy, nightclub-like feel.

The hallway of the home is an unusual space with surprising features.

A life-sized lion lamp stalks the wide hallway, chasing away the shadows. Decorative structures frame brief vignettes along the way.

A modern spiral staircase design is coloured with a royal blue balustrade. It winds the stairwell like a wide satin ribbon. Modern sculpture is displayed at the base of the staircase within a halo of light.

Bands of light line recessed bannisters.

A snug lounge is furnished with a leaf-like chaise lounge chair in vivid red upholstery. Sapphire blue scatter cushions add bold colour to pale greige sofas.

The red lounge chair pulls up beside a modern fireplace to create a cosy reading nook.

The kitchen diner in the guest suite is a generously sized layout. A round dining table is complemented by a round area rug and a feature arch.

A unique console table is set against the stucco arch, where it supports a piece of modern artwork.

The kitchen peninsula is capped with a curved granite countertop in echo of the arched silhouette.

This ​​traditional bedroom is the elder room.

Decorative boiserie surrounds a grand wooden bedstead.

Blue and yellow accents add an uplifting twist the the classic backdrop.

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