A Geometric House In Exposed Concrete [Video]

Resting gently upon the undulating green terrain of Bragança Paulista in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, this luxury home design respects its locality. Created by architectural firm Yuri Vital, the 693 square metre house was designed as a perfectly linear volume, which drinks in both intimate and far-flung views of the beautiful valley ahead. A board-formed concrete exterior textures the modern home exterior, along with huge expanses of wood-slatted window shutters. Cantilevered volumes float lightly between oblique structural walls at each side of the house. Elegant support columns meet the grassy ground or sink delicately into the water mirror that rounds the front of the property.

Raised high on elegant stilts, this linear home design appears to float weightlessly over its scenic surroundings of mature shrubs and trees, and a blanket of lush green grass.

The heightened disposition of the home grants a more desirable viewpoint over the valley that unfolds in front of it.

The entire front face of the modern home exterior is opened up to the peaceful panorama by edge-to-edge windows.

Wooden window shutters filter the direct sunlight to keep the home cool under the Brazilian sunshine.

Board formed concrete gives the home design ​​bold brutalist vibes.

Massive oblique concrete wings protrude from the sides of the house, giving it a feeling of complete privacy despite its largely glass composition.

The shutters can be fully retracted so that the homeowners may enjoy an entirely unobstructed view.

Slim support columns bed into the leafy terrain underneath the house, disappearing subtly into the shadows there.

Once inside the home, a wide, open plan living space is alive with natural light and an airy atmosphere. Cognac coloured leather chairs and a coordinating leather sofa add warming accents to a cool grey and white lounge decor scheme. The cognac upholstery and natural wooden furniture frames complement the expanse of wooden shutters at huge living room windows.

The large living room layout enjoys a scarcity of support points that leaves the view of the valley wide open.

An orange curved sofa adds a burst of energy to the colour palette of a second lounge area. The bright accent piece is counterbalanced by an exposed concrete statement wall and cool grey floor tiles. A long linear suspension light stretches across the lounge, crossing above a unique glass coffee table.

A formal dining area separates the two lounge spaces.

The large dining space is furnished to welcome up to ten people at mealtimes.

The grey upholstered dining chairs perfectly match the shade of the exposed concrete.

At the end of the long living space, several triangular hanging chairs dangle lazily in the sunlight. The chairs can be turned toward one another in a conversational arrangement, or swivel to serve as private reading pods.

The triangular hanging chairs are inspired by the oblique angles within the architecture of the home itself. Triangular windows slice interesting fenestration around the property. A glass entryway almost disappears under the visual weight of the main concrete volume.

A decorative pool makes the core of the central courtyard design. Stone walls build a rustic border around the pool and the home perimeter. Outdoor staircases lead from the courtyard up to a glass balcony and into the home.

Board formed concrete walls give the home an industrial essence.

Delicate silhouettes of nature counterbalance the industrial-style weight of the architecture.

The pool at the front of the property provides charming reflection.

The modern home sinks softly into the hillside.

The home design is arranged as a U-shaped layout. Social living spaces are all gathered within the south-facing wing, whilst the private bedroom spaces are grouped at the north-facing side of the house. The west-facing transitional space hooks around the courtyard, pulling in views on both sides.

The stunning green environment encircles the entire house.

A sense of serenity sparkles across the water mirror.

The unique composition of the home creates individual moments of privacy and connection.

Private balconies accompany the bedroom suites.

Pipework is picked out under a bright orange coating rather than disguised and hidden, which adds the industrial essence of the exterior.

The massive structure teeters on tiny anchor points that reflect in the pool’s sunlit waters.

Glass walls fashion a permeable dwelling that feels one with the outer environment.

The wood-slatted window shutters deliver magical light play over the home interior.

The home sinks into the cushion of sloping terrain.

Roof overhangs provide shade to the inner and outdoor living spaces.

A large terrace with a rectangular swimming pool stretches the width of the property.

A winding driveway snakes up to the house from the main road, rising steadily through the landscape. The U-shaped house folds protectively around the private courtyard design.

The south-facing social wing is segmented into mismatched angular parts for cover and ventilation.

In the evening, the house lights up the landscape like a horizontal lantern.

The illuminated side wings ignite the inner patio under the night sky.

Site plan showing terrain and the water mirror that fills the front of the property and the central courtyard.

Floor plan illustrating the U-shaped layout of the home interior. Aside from the separate kitchen and pantry, the fluid sequence of social areas is composed of lounges and dining areas. Bedroom suites and their private balconies take up the opposite side of the perimeter.

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