Add Realistic Textures in Photoshop

Selected as one of the “historical and cultural villages” in Fujian Province, Shangping Villagehas been sustained by its agricultural tradition and Hakkaculture. In Shangping, most of the villagers have the surname of Yang, who are the descendants of Captain Yang Zhen from Han Dynasty. Shangping Village has a complete rural feng shui pattern where two streams run around the village and gather at Shuikou area (the water gap, village entrance). There are many provincial-level cultural heritages such as the Tai Fu Tai Mansion, the Yang’s Ancestral Temple, Shezumiao Shrine, Zhaogongmiao Temple, etc. According to the legend, the great scholar Zhu Xi used to give lectures in Shangping and to leave with treasured calligraphy. Therefore, Shangping has a reputation for "literary village surrounded by water ". By October 2017, the Shuikou Area has been completed; Two month later in December, Yang’s School Area and Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area have finished renovation works.

Add realistic elements to your architectural drawings and sketches is not that complicated. Normally, you should take some time and practice all the tools and ways to do that in Photoshop. Usually, the rendering can make your projects more appealing and more beautiful. Thus, such beautiful projects sell easy. The realistic textures in Photoshop make the projects more closer to the reality. There are several important points for practice in Photoshop. Firstly, base rendering. Second, texture zones. Third, choosing textures. Next, choosing textures. After all this steps, you will have the final image that has been rendered.Add Realistic Textures in Photoshop

Add Realistic Textures in Photoshop

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