Ferm Living combines Nordic and Asian references in new Copenhagen restaurant IBU

Danish homeware brand Ferm Living used shades of red and grey to create a homely interior for this new Asian-fusion restaurant in Copenhagen.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

IBU recently opened in the city’s trendy Vesterbro neighbourhood and is headed by chef Henrik Jyrk. He approached Ferm Living to design its interior, outlining that he wanted a space that visually referenced both his Nordic roots and the Asian flavours in the cuisine.

The aim was to create a space where guests will “want to linger”.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

“What was also crucial to [the client] was the creation of a vibe or atmosphere where you want to stay all night, which made a clear connection to the way we work at Ferm Living – we think a lot about emotions,” the brand told Dezeen.

“We went into the project much like we would if we were to decorate someone’s home.”

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

Ferm Living – a brand that is mainly focused on furniture and home accessories – developed a colour scheme that they felt embraced both Nordic and Asian culture.

The pale beige tones that feature throughout the space take cues from the hues of Copenhagen’s building and rooftops.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

Meanwhile, the deep red that covers the facade and some of the internal walls is a colour that, in China, symbolises joy and good fortune.

The designers also added a few other subtle references to Asia, for example, the grilles that are used when serving food.

“These draw a straight line to the hectic street kitchens that have become synonymous with Asia’s big cities,” said Ferm Living.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

The space is furnished with many of the brand’s own products, including some from the recent collection, which was designed to channel “Nordic decadence”.

These include the rust-coloured Quilt cushions and the dome-shaped lamps that hang above the tables.

A charcoal grey curtain entirely covers another wall, matched by Ferm’s dark-hued Herman chairs. Several earth-toned bowls from their Sekki collection have been scattered throughout for decoration.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

One of the biggest challenges for the designers was the restaurant’s unusual floor plan, which features several small nooks.

“We wanted to underline them, making distinctive corners and special areas in the small room that meet the needs of different parties and moods” explained the brand.

“There’s the intimate little table for the date, a large round table for the big dinner party, and a seat at the bar, where you get to experience the magic of the kitchen in a shared experience with other guests.”

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

A cascading series of brass pendants lights with large, white bulbs overhang the group dining table, while the bar area boasts a black fluted island counter.

IBU Restaurant by Ferm Living

IBU is the latest in a series of new restaurants to open in Copenhagen over the past year, as the city builds on the continuing success of the multi-award-winning Noma.

Others include Nærvær, designed by Norm Architects with a warm material palette, and Barr, designed by Snøhetta using a food-inspired colour palette.

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