Free-flowing Family Home Design With Floor Plan

A free-flowing layout creates a connected sense of family in this 112 square metre apartment project in the south of Moscow, Russia. Designed by Julia Khabarova, for a young couple with a child, the home was created to include an autonomous master block that avoids the inclusion of dead ends around the main living spaces. A central “cube” forces new scenarios of movement around the apartment in answer to an immovable riser. The material palette of slatted oak veneer, suede upholstery, cool concrete and reflective metals create an earthy aesthetic, alongside tonal shades of grey and warm umber accents. The full floor plan is included at the end of the tour.

Gray living room decor is warmed through with wood clad feature walls formed with layers of slatted texture. The lounge area is lined with heavy drapes that create a soft backdrop for an L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement.

The clients requested the inclusion of a bio fireplace in the living room. The flames ficker openly across a hearth that protrudes toward the adjacent kitchen diner area.

A table for four is adjoined to a central kitchen island. The table can also be extended to accommodate extra dinner guests, serving up to a party of six.

The open plan living space also includes the hallway area. Here, a generous storage system lines the walls, flowing toward the laundry room. Wood panels and slats of different widths form floor-to-ceiling handles on the hallway cabinets. This aesthetic is repeated to create interest across the TV wall in the lounge too, which creates a cohesive look through the open concept.

Round coffee tables scatter black and metallic accents across a pale grey area rug.

The modern fireplace is reflected in full length mirrors that are embedded into the opposite wall of the walkway.

A floating bookcase is fashioned into the back of the wall mounted TV cabinet.

Linear suspension lights descend on the dining table, where they complement the sleek line of the fireplace hearth.

The homeowners chose to make the kitchen island countertop deeper, at 750 millimeters, to allow them to comfortably cook and prep on both sides of the worktop.

Oak veneer column units house integrated appliances.

The wood Scandinavian style chairs add a homey element to the cool white dining table.

At the end of the kitchen island, a floating sink section allows direct access from three sides. Two-sided pull-out sections offer practical sized drawers that are not too heavy or too deep.

The decor scheme uses an earthy material palette of oak veneer, suede, concrete and metal, alongside shades of grey and warm umber.

A central “cube” was fashioned to accommodate a riser in the apartment. Decorative blue-gray plaster and a recessed lighting strip makes a feature of the volume, which contains the guest bathroom.

The central cube creates diversity in the space, and causes different scenarios of movement.

The laundry room is revealed from behind a sliding door that can be left open without causing obstruction. When drawn back, an umber feature wall adds colour to the hallway.

The door to the guest bathroom is concealed with the dark plasterwork of the “cube”.

The private master bedroom suite sees a repeat of the layered, slatted wall panel treatment. The umber accent returns in the shape of a modern upholstered bed.

A swing arm wall lamp produces focussed reading light over the pillows. A stylish bedroom chair offers another comfortable reading spot in the corner of the room.

Blue artwork brightens the bedroom palette.

A grey bedroom rug brings a cosy factor to the oak laminate flooring.

Grey bedroom curtains copy the plush drapes in the living room.

A glass vase filled with stems adds a splash of greenery by the bed.

Mini bedroom pendant lights are paired at varying height over the bedside table, which compliments its tiered silhouette.

A recessed LED strip cuts down the bedroom focal wall, drawing attention to the artwork and a clean white linear console unit.

The ensuite bathroom is accessed via the dressing area, where smooth oak veneer wardrobes line the walls.

Black fixtures punctuate the guest bathroom, where blue-gray plaster contrasts with a white wet zone and floor tiles. The recessed floor-to-ceiling mirrors are the same inclusions that reflect the modern fireplace out in the living area. The mirrors help build an open, airy and lighter feel inside the compact area.

Built-in shelves thread an element of textural wood grain through the toilet cistern concealment wall.

A slatted room divider marks the entryway into the shower area.

The pedestal sink is positioned up against the slatted shower wall, where its black faucet becomes lost against the dark plaster backdrop. A slimline shelf cuts through the sink unit, extending to the side to hold toiletries and a decorative vase. A perspex stool injects a translucent umber accent into the shower enclosure.

Atmospheric light extends the warming umber accent colour through the entire shower area at night, creating a restful ambiance for unwinding at the end of a long and tiring day.

The floor plan illustrates the flow of family life around the apartment, and the peaceful divide between the private master suite and the kid’s bedroom on the other side of the layout. The laundry room provides an extra sound buffer from the youngest member of the household.

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