golden panels clad WALL’s apartment complex showroom in moscow

situated in the tverskoy district of moscow, architectural bureau WALL has designed a showroom for the ‘cameo’ apartment complex. set around an inner garden, or ‘urban oasis’, within the bustling metropolis, the showroom has been envisioned to let visitors feel the intimacy of the location and reveal the format of country life that lies in the heart of the city and across the 17 villas of the complex.

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the showroom by WALL is a prototype of the first floor of the villa: a bright and spacious space with arched floor-to-ceiling windows stretching 4 meters high, while the office building has dimensions of 14.35 m x 6.25 m. the space is divided into several zones: welcome zone (demo layout villas, negotiation zone, bar), the lounge area (area with fireplace) and the working area (a place of work for the managers with a kitchen and storage area for presentation materials).



the space-planning solutions of the showroom building are dictated by the modern interpretation of italian motifs in the architecture of the 17 villas project. WALL created a new typology of housing, unique for moscow, inspired by the florentine palazzos and new york townhouses. the facing of the villa elevations adopt a large scale, with natural stone sized travertine and slopes of windows surrounded by golden panels. the golden metal panels become the defining material of the showroom façades. drawing attention to the building, the warm, shimmering material brings a sense of opulence and grandeur to the overall architectural expression.



project info:


project name: cameo moscow showroom

location: tverskoy district, moscow, russia

architect: WALL


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