Light and Laid Back Industrial Style Interior

This light and laid back interior with industrial home decor was designed by the talent at Line Architects. Simple home furnishings and pared back accessories make this pad a place to chill out and zone out from the busyness of the outside world. The colour scheme is calming and laid back in white, wood tone and light grey, with some bolder black base notes spaced around to anchor the airy scheme. Raw brickwork brings character and added warmth to open plan living areas, and interior glazed walls form invisible divides. The smooth layout takes place below a rough concrete ceiling and a bright network of red electrical wiring.

Stepping inside the open plan industrial living room of the home is a relaxing affair, with no abundant galleries of picture frames cluttering the walls. The monochrome scheme is easy on the eyes, and the exposed brick feature wall is solid and homey. The glow of ambient light beyond the sofa appears welcoming and sparks a little intrigue.

The low slung grey fabric sofa is a cosy island in the centre of the room, settled in a prime location for watching movies that are projected onto one of the crisp white walls. Track lighting concentrates small pools of light where needed so as not to affect the viewing quality of the projection image.

A set of unique speakers accompany a sound system on a stack of built in shelves near the home projection screen. Black metal framework holds up a menagerie of wooden boxes to create different levels and widths of storage and display space. A geometric wirework linen basket holds cosy throws near the sofa for cooler evenings.

Red brick accent walls make wonderfully warming contrast with cool grey furnishings, and work in harmony with wood tone in the room. A striped area rug adds comfort in the lounge and introduces a little pattern into the plain space.

A kitchen diner occupies the space behind the lounge. A long swing arm wall lamp is mounted to reach over the dining table as a central source of light. The table itself is an organic asymmetrical shape, surrounded by missmatching Eames Eiffel armchairs of different colourways. Storage has been fashioned along the border of the living room as one continuous wooden unit.

A peninsula runs the length of the kitchen, creating a wood on white design. A breakfast bar extends out of one end of the installation.

Black kitchen bar stools match a black countertop and black sink on the central kitchen island. White cooking appliances meld with full height white larder units behind the peninsula.

Strip lights have been casually strewn in a haphazard fashion across the concrete kitchen ceiling, wired up with eye-catching red electric cable. Dual aspect windows shed a generous amount of natural light over the crisp white and wood kitchen.

The uneven edge to the overlapping breakfast bar adds interest to the linear kitchen island. A black faucet matches the black kitchen sink and blends quietly with the dark countertop.

The master bedroom and bathroom is amalgamated as one entirely open plan space. An interior glass wall forms a splash retaining dividing wall between the bathtub and the walkway to the hallway.

In the bedroom, a chunky designer table lamp throws a spotlight on some photography. The lamp is of a black finish, set against a black wall so that the photography on display is the prominent piece. All are placed upon a low wooden console table so as not to clutter the walls – as is the minimalist preference in this home.

A grey granite wall flanks one end of an industrial style bathtub. The white tub sits within a black metal frame to striking monochrome effect. A black standpipe and rinser complete the look.

The glass dividing wall ends at a large tree trunk that stands like a rustic pillar at the centre of the room.

A repeat of the striped area rug seen out in the lounge repeats in the master bedroom. Matching floor lamps with exposed bulbs light the side of the bed.

A shallow vanity is paired with a floating drawer unit for storage of toiletries. Two bulbs on statement red electrical wiring are suspended over the countertop.

The same light floor runs seamlessly throughout the entire home, connecting the spaces together.

A low level platform bed follows on in the same laid-back vibe of the living room.

The same perimeter of wooden storage that’s used in the open plan living area continues into and around the industrial bathroom and bedroom. The storage installation morphs into a set of wooden steps, which lead up to a set of sliding doors and out onto a sun deck.

The WC is hidden behind an obscured glass door, providing privacy from the rest of the open plan arrangement.

A walk-in closet is located around the corner from the bathroom vanity area.

The deck provides a place to sit out under the stars…

… Or watch a sunset.

The wooden decking continues across the exterior of each room, sometimes with planks giving pause to decorative pebbles.

Modern outdoor chairs furnish the deck.

A wall mounted bicycle is used as art in the hallway.

A glass fronted volume openly stores the shoes and coats.

The floor is lit by a strip of LEDs at the base of one glass panel.

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