Luxury Modern Lakehouse In Canada

Architecture firm SAOTA have gone about putting a major modern twist on the typical lakehouse aesthetic in a remote Canadian town. In departure from the regional traditional country cabin style, this summer house design is a highly modern concrete marvel with vast expanses of glass. With that said, the architects have endeavoured to make the design respectful to the natural setting on the banks of Lake Huron. The house has been sensitively set back on the plot, situated closer to the street in order to preserve the natural bluff. Surrounding mature fir trees have been preserved to largely conceal the approach to the house, and build magical suspense on arrival.

The modern house exterior makes a bold architectural statement, and extends the possibilities of the traditional lakeside family retreat.

A concept of stacked and suspended rectangular boxes builds the home. The living area exists between the solid volumes, where glass coats the clear void.

At the back of the house, walls are almost all made of glass to promote an indoor-outdoor connect.

The continual stretch of two-storey glass allows natural light to reach deep into the living spaces, and maximises lakeside views. A covered outdoor lounge area flanks the swimming pool, making it a perfect area for entertaining.

A boardwalk and concrete staircase lead down a grassy embankment toward an old cabin that predates the main house.

The cabin has been refurbished as a guest suite, and an additional outdoor entertainment area to serve the family closer to the lake.

The property occupies transitional space between the water and the forest, rising 3.5 metres from road level.

A modern outdoor chair and an outdoor chaise lounge recline on the pool deck, which is overlooked by the glass walled living room.

The outdoor entertaining area has been given a comfortable living room layout, with an L-shaped sofa, lounge chairs and a square coffee table. Rattan poufs couple up on a colour coordinated outdoor rug.

A manicured lawn lays out a green border.

The front door design is a dramatically large pivot door, which enters into a glorious triple-volume atrium.

The towering atrium lets natural light wash in, and draws attention to the home’s special view.

Beautiful pendant lights descend from lofty heights, and shine on contemporary wood slatted feature walls.

This is a living room with a spectacular view, blue water sparkles beyond trees that reach skyward past triple-story windows.

The interior spaces are designed to be simple and fluid, with easy to navigate levels that fashion a laid-back atmosphere.

Whilst the core of the home is light and open, a more intimate atmosphere is curated in the substantially more contained kitchen volume. A dropped ceiling and black wall decor create a completely contrasting atmosphere, giving the home a varied spatial experience. An all-white kitchen island and white swivel bar stools counteract the dark surround.

Statement dining room pendant lights bunch together over a grand dining table for ten. Sleek track lights illuminate the edges of the space.

The huge room is divided by a slatted wall feature, which also makes a well placed mount for two TVs on either side. There’s a third television situated in the adjacent sitting room too, keeping viewing accessible from every angle and zone.

An illuminated staircase design climbs a black stairwell with tall picture windows.

The master bedroom is an impressive volume half built from glass. A black end of bed bench puts a dark pit stop against the grey upholstered bedstead. Wood slats span a long headboard feature wall. The master suite takes over the entire upper-level of the house, and includes an office and a gym.

A freestanding bathtub stands framed by the lake and the cloudscape.

A recreation room is split between a games zone and a casual lounge.

The lowest floor holds a room that has been dubbed the ‘engine room’ by the homeowner. This room holds all of the building services infrastructure. A building automation system controls, monitors, and optimises the homes functional performance at all times. This is also where the 15kw solar array pushes power into the home, or back into the grid for credit.

From the road, the finished form of the modern house reads as a crisp pale stone box, weightlessly elevated between the whispering tree branches.

The house falls back from the bluff.

The monochrome rectangular volumes interlock to define vertical and horizontal planes.

Site plan of the property by Lake Huron, which illustrates the driveway approach from the road.

Ground floor plan, containing the ‘engine room’ that coordinates all of the services needed to run and maintain optimal living conditions at the summer lakehouse.

First floor plan with living areas/lounges, large formal dining room, kitchen, and the base of the fantastic atrium that builds wow factor upon entering the home.

Second floor plan with master suite.


East and West elevations.

North and South elevations. The bank of bedrooms projects out over the garage but the master bedroom takes up the entire top floor of the building, like a luxury penthouse suite.

The section drawings show how the base volume that contains the engine room cuts deep into the land. This design feature allows the main living volume to float just above the landscape for optimal interaction with the outside living space.

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