Sensational House with a Modern Design

  Designer Jong-su Kim of Korean studio ilsangisang, has created a lamp that has a built-in shelf for displaying decorative items.   When the light is on, it highlights the item on the shelf, however when the light is turned off, the items are still on display due to the design of the shelf replicating […]

Sensational designs are an amazing way to combine your wishes and all the possibilities available today. Generally, your wishes can be satisfied when you invest your energy, your money and your time into it. Then, the dream can turn into reality and you can see the product of all these. Such example is this beautiful house which has an amazing design, it attracts and it leaves people speeches. Even the interior of the home is a combination of elements and materials. It mingles wood, stone, marble and concrete.Sensational House with a Modern Design

Sensational House with a Modern Design

See the modern design of this home on the pictures below.


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