Stadium Models that Follow the Regulations

Architectural photographer James Brittain has explored the hidden nooks and apartments of Moshe Safdie's Habitat 67, offering a glimpse of day-to-day life in the famous brutalist complex in Montreal over 50 years after it was completed. Rather than focusing on the "formally breathtaking" elements of the Israeli-Canadian architect's groundbreaking 1960s housing complex, Brittain's Revisited: Habitat 67 series

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Stadium is the place that promotes sports. All of the stadiums should follow several regulations. For example, the bigger stadiums have to be used and appropriate for more than one sport. Thus, it should be carefully planned and designed. Also, it should have a place for seating and place that will bond those who cheer. Furthermore, because the stadiums are commonly full when the game is on, the architects should be careful about the design and the safety offered by that design. So, the stadiums should have organized web of exits and accesses to the bathrooms.Stadium Models that Follow the Regulations

Stadium Models that Follow the Regulations

Check out these amazing architectural models of stadiums.


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