Simplified Explanations for Retaining Walls

The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) is a design build studio whose focus is on the translation from drawings to building. The studio’s main aim is to expose students to the full architectural process, from interacting with clients to building their designs. The design process is organized as an architectural competition amongst students. They start producing individual proposals, and in a process of gradual eliminations, arrive at the project with most potential that is the one that is built.

Simplified explanations are useful for all those who want to learn something new. Or, if you want to try to make a DIY project but you need more help and simple explanations. Generally, the conventional retaining walls are the gravity retaining walls, the cantilever walls and the semi-gravity walls. Firstly, the gravity retaining walls are characteristic because their stability depends on the wall itself. Secondly, the cantilever retaining walls have three elements reinforced concrete, slab base, and thin stem. Thirdly, the semi-gravity walls are characteristic because they need the least reinforcement.Simplified Explanations for Retaining Walls

Simplified Explanations for Retaining Walls

Finally, see the very helpful pictures below and you will surely learn something more.


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