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Keiji Ashizawa Design and Norm Architects pare back Tokyo apartments

September 15, 2019 Natasha Levy 0
Kinuta Terrace apartments by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa

Concrete walls, wooden floors and simplistic furnishings form “transparent” living spaces within this pair of formerly light-starved Tokyo apartments renovated by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design  Constructed in the 1980s, the 36-unit Kinuta Terrace apartment block in Tokyo is arranged around a verdant central courtyard that’s meant to give residents the experience of living in

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C3 Les Ailes Residential & Offices Tower / Aeby Perneger + Offices Tower

September 15, 2019 Andreas Luco 0

The project derives from a parallel study mandate SIA 143 won by Aeby Perneger & Associés through the Cooperative Les Ailes. The building is inserted in the urban plan of the eco-quartier of Verges, with the role to highlight one of the gateways of the quartier and complete a series of towers along the Napoleonic route that leads from Geneva to Saint-Genis-Pouilly though the CERN.

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Brentford Lock West Housing / Mae Architects

September 14, 2019 Daniel Tapia 0

Brentford Lock West is a large regeneration project on a former industrial site alongside the Grand Union Canal for Waterside Places. This second phase by Mæ adds a further 157 homes to the distinctive mixed-use masterplan, setting a new standard in quality housing within Brentford in west London. Holding the corners of each plot, six pavilion buildings are linked through rows of townhouses and bridge structures that form entrance portals and house further accommodation above. Reflecting the site’s industrial past, distinctive saw-tooth roofs mark the corners of the site while bringing light into upper floor homes.

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Bulevar Residential Building / Gabriel Verd Arquitectos + Buró4

September 13, 2019 Andreas Luco 0

This project commenced just as the economy was beginning to recover from the recession. The aim was to come up with a residential development that was the different from the one widely used in the area and base on an obsolete partial development plan. The old plan proposed blocks with a wide width and interior courtyards for ventilation, but where the orientation of the homes and the organisation of the free areas were not a priority. 

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Asahi Facilities Hotarugaike Dormitory KAEDE / Takenaka Corporation

September 13, 2019 Daniel Tapia 0

This is a project to create a company dormitory for single people. Each employee has their own hobbies and lifestyles. We planned this dormitory as the place they could build intimate relationships and communities within. The site is located in an old residential area. We divided the building volume into six as a three-story building with a reduced height so that it fits the scale of the surrounding houses.

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Maayan Zusman retrofits Tel Aviv apartment for tall sporty couple

September 12, 2019 Bridget Cogley 0
Habima Square apartment by Maayan Zusman

Tel Aviv designer Maayan Zusman has renovated a two-bedroom apartment in the city, with a range of custom details for its tall inhabitants. The 1940s apartment was renovated for an athletic couple whose tall heights led the local designer to create several custom details, ranging from cabinet height to sneaker storage. Zusman collaborated with architect Amir Navon,

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Jeff Svitak arranges San Diego apartment block around open courtyards and decks

September 12, 2019 Kristine Klein 0
The Louisiana and Louisiana Purchase by Jeff Svitak

Built over the Louisiana Purchase restaurant, The Louisiana apartment complex in San Diego is constructed around a series of open courtyards and expansive timber-clad decks. San Diego studio Jeff Svitak designed the 15 apartments and on-site restaurant, which are both named after the location on Louisiana Street in the upcoming North Park neighbourhood. The housing is

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Sierra Residence / Lanoire & Courrian

September 9, 2019 Daniel Tapia 0

The «Sierra» dwelling is an «L» shape three-story building. This shape allows the creation of an intimate garden protected by the building. The location of the building, next to a railroad, implies high-quality acoustic insulation. In order to break the monolithic aspect of the construction, every angle as a specific architectural treatment. Every angle is either smoothen or sharpen. The translucent railings are curved to follow the shape of the facade.

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Amaryllis House / Tegnestuen LOKAL + Mangor & Nagel

September 7, 2019 Andreas Luco 0

In their winning proposal for the competition for the first of four towers in Grønttorvet (the former vegetable market outside Copenhagen), Tegnestuen LOKAL drew inspiration from the area’s industrial history to create a landmark with a green identity for the neighborhood and the future residents. When the Copenhagen Vegetable Market outgrew its location in the city center in the 1950’s, wholesale moved to the adjacent town of Valby. An industrial complex was erected from where fruits, vegetables and flowers were sold to restaurants and retailers throughout Copenhagen. Today, the city has grown to surround the market, complicating logistics around the initial function and causing the vegetable market to relocate once again. This calls for a new purpose for the area.