Small Apartments With Functionality And Flair

At just under 40 square metres these three home designs are comfortably compact. Careful layouts and bespoke furniture designs ensure that layouts look spacious and uncluttered despite limited floor dimensions. Calming shades of grey, black and white colour the interiors so that the close quarters never feel overwhelming, but rather more sleek and stylishly minimalist. Each of the apartment designs explore a different approach to small space living too. We go from a compartmental apartment layout with a flexible bedroom niche, to a fully fluid single space studio apartment, and finish in an elegant flat with the bedroom entirely tucked away. Kitchens range from chic simplicity to luxe elegance, ticking boxes for functionality and flair.

Architect: Mast Studio  

In this 40 square metre apartment in Moscow, Russia, the main living area is lit up with bright elements of white, light grey and oak. The bedroom and entry hall fall back into the shadows with moody charcoal grey decor and low atmospheric lighting.

Oak bifold doors allow the bedroom space to adjoin with the living room to increase the overall sense of space. A lighter shade of grey upholstery allows the bedstead to pull away from the bedroom’s charcoal decor, and to complement the living room sofa colour.

A modern floor lamp arcs over the back of the sofa, cutting across black window frames.

The smooth arc of the floor lamp is complemented by a round dining table just behind it. Silver base cabinets build the look of a highly simplified minimalist kitchen. However, a set of full height larder units sweep around the adjacent wall in a special finish that camouflages with the living room walls. A black integrated oven is the only clue as to their hidden function.

Pedestal silhouettes shape both the dining table and the coffee table.

Reflective closet doors and a decorative wall mirror bounce natural light down the darkened hallway of the apartment. A chic elliptical entryway bench is settled opposite the closet as spot to put on shoes or drop bags.

The bathroom is also shadowy show of sleek style and moody illumination. Perimeter LEDs highlight the edges of a black marble backsplash wall and coordinated shower enclosure.

An anthracite heated towel rail, toilet and vanity unit blend with the blackness.

The floor plan illustrates a generous closet space off the home entryway, which is the only storage volume in the home besides the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity.

Designer: Yevheniia Dubrovska  
Photographer: Yevhenii Avramenko  

This 36 square metre apartment is situated in a modern residential quarter, close to the center of Kyiv. Architects transformed the small space into a home that could comfortably house a couple… and a cat.

The new layout encompasses a multitude of functional zones across the limited floor area, including a space saving built-in dining area opposite the kitchen. A vanity table/desk runs off the side of the eating area, as a transition zone to the bed.

A solid wall of storage runs along the back of the custom dining set. The cupboards conceal all of the small homes clutter to keep the interior looking clean and crisp.

Colours are calm and neutral. Natural wood furniture contrasts warmly against a cool concrete floor and palest grey walls.

The dining bench is accessorised with a black seat pad to match the stylish black dining chairs from Billiani.

An earth toned accent rug interrupts the grey and white kitchen.

An oak drainer board makes a brief colour link with the brown kitchen rug.

The kitchen is a basic design so as not to overwhelm the narrow apartment. Chrome fixtures add bright sheen.

The wooden element enters the bedroom area as a headboard, which is topped with more pale grey storage cabinets to balance out the opposite side of the room.

An outdoor chair and small side table furnish a comfy balcony area.

Sheer drapes softly frame the balcony windows with translucent colour.

The wooden headboard links directly into the adjacent vanity table, then continues its perfect line through and around the dining area and banquette seat.

A handy drawer is concealed within the shallow profile of the dressing table.

A custom cut mirror fits flush inside the recess.

The bathroom is a predominantly white scheme with modern chrome fixtures, matching the simplicity of the rest of the apartment.

Deep red doors on the vanity unit provide an upbeat accent.

Studio floor plan.

Designer: Innoi Design  

Our final tour takes place in a 30.2 square metre home in Kyiv.

The sofa and round coffee table are set on top of a unique floor treatment that introduces pastel colour into the lounge. A set of decorative vases coordinate with beige tones in the floor, and lighten up the black coffee table mass.

A glass room divider lightly separates the small lounge from the neighbouring kitchen.

The black framework of the room divider influences black accents in the rest of the room, like a unique wall light, black window blinds and monochrome wall art.

The TV wall doubles as a workspace/vanity area. A comfy desk chair is in-keeping with the sumptuous aesthetic of the lounge.

White marble floods the kitchen with a luxe look.

White flatware accompanies the light decor.

Despite being a small kitchen, it exudes an upscale appearance. Neoclassical wall beading builds a decorative setting, and a high-polish chimney extractor gleams against the grey paintwork. A unique linear chandelier brings out the elegant black bar stools.

White accessories pop crisply against the misty grey backdrop.

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