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Roscoff Biological Station / WIP Architecture

September 24, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

Resting by the sea in a classified site, opposite of the Île-de-Batz, the fishpond is a structure that has two aspects. A public face, on the beach, massive and inherent to its function (to retain water) and a lighter discreet side, which is only revealed to researchers at the Roscoff Biological Station.

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Village Courtyard Restaurant / AML Design studio

September 22, 2021 Collin Chen 0

Overall Design Brief. Since the flourishing development of rural cultural tourism, the courtyard restaurant has become part of the supporting facilities in villages. We, as designers, feel fortunate to participate in this process. Our purpose of the project is to retain the vitality of the countryside, which is the growth of the village that requires both cultural heritage and technical innovation. Such innovation should truly respond to its site and cultural context, not just the form.

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MOO House / Agustín Aguirre + FRAM arquitectos

September 21, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

MOO House is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The house preserves the historical feature of an object left in time, almost nostalgic. Its pure, clean and timeless form emerges above a new limit, constituted by the gate that separates the house from the street. This limit seeks the dialogue between the historical and the current, light and the heavy, real and the conceptual, white and brown, the interior and the exterior.

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Plumstead Centre / Hawkins\Brown

September 21, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Hawkins\Brown has transformed an under-used library building on Plumstead High Street into a combined centre that provides public cultural, leisure and sports facilities on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. New amenities include separate children’s and adults’ libraries, a café, flexible collaboration space, a gym and badminton court, and two large studios for performing arts, yoga, or exhibitions.

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Kozina House / Atelier 111 Architekti

September 20, 2021 Pilar Caballero 0

Our new home was created in a historical part of a small South Bohemian town, which, although neglected, possesses a rather strong atmosphere and potential. The place attracted us from the beginning for its distinctive character and great location. In the narrow sleepy streets, next to the grassy patch of Kozina Square, we are hidden from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding traffic, while only a few steps separate us from the town center with shops, services and offices, schools, cinema, theater, and railway station.

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Flat in Kitashirakawa / IN STUDIO

September 20, 2021 Hana Abdel 0

We had to leave Tokyo to live in Kyoto. We thought that since we were going to live there, we should think about living there. Kyoto is an ancient city surrounded by mountains. The city’s economic scale has restricted the height and floor area ratio of its buildings so that you can see the surrounding mountains from almost anywhere. The city is surrounded by large bodies of water and greenery, such as the Kamo River, the Imperial Palace, and the Botanical Gardens, which have been developed up to modern times.

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Jiangnan District Embroidered Garment Factory / Minax Architects

September 20, 2021 Collin Chen 0

Changshu is a vital textile industry gathering centre in China. In the city development process, textile workshop, represented by textile manufacturing sites, becomes the essential architectural type in the city. Changshu embroidered garment factory founded in 1979. It entirely moved to Haiyu South Road No.77 and started a glorious time in the city centre. With the rapid development of Chinese society, giving way to consumption, earth-shaking changes have taken place in industries and cities over the past few decades, which have led to the complete transformation of urban-architecture functions. Benefiting from the particular location advantages, the operation mode of the Jiangnan embroidery garment factory has gradually changed from production management to building rental, and the buildings have been used continuously and frequently. However, with the excessive use, the buildings are damaged and the infrastructure is old, which makes the buildings gradually become a negative space in the downtown. In 2019, Changshu Jiangnan Group started the transformation and renovation on the factory’s existing basis to awaken its vitality and value.

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Multifamiliar Cupa Apartment Refurbishment / Escobedo Soliz

September 17, 2021 Andreas Luco 0

Cupa (Centro Urbano Presidente Aleman) was the first modernist residential complex in Mexico and one of the first social housing experiments in the world. The project was commissioned by the state to the Architect Mario Pani in 1947, who based his design on the urban and architectonic principles of Le Corbusier`s Radiant City as a new way to face the growing demand of housing in Mexico City. The project construction took only 2 years and set a new record for high rise constructions in Mexico.