Balcony and It’s Importance on a Gorgeous and Elegant House

The appearance of people in architectural photography is rare. When they do show up, people are usually added to help the viewer better understand the size and design elements of a building. However, in recent times, several photographers have warmed to the idea of capturing houses with their inhabitants, showing the people who live there and how they inhabit the spaces. After the success of our previous round-up of people photographed with their houses, this week we bring you 10 more houses captured by renowned photographers such as Hiroyuki OkiPeter Bennetts, and Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Balcony as an important segment of house’s design is sometimes shorten in favor to the room interior. But that’s not the case in this lovely house design. There is a huge terrace connecting the interior family room on the upper stair. It’s space can be used for relaxation, coffee talks, gatherings, or just calming stay outside. Balcony and It's Importance on a Gorgeous and Elegant House

Balcony as an Important Segment of House’s Design

The gallery bellow will give you the full idea of this house plan and of this important part as well. Take a look and remember to leave enough room for this part of your house!


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