Beautifully Drawn Architectural Sketches

After realizing a series of the Noodle Rack concept for Longxiaobao, a casual noodle diner, Lukstudio explores the lightness of the rack design at their first Shanghai location. Given the 150-sqm interior corner in the Sun Moon Light Center, Lukstudio opens up the facade and showcases the dining atmosphere in a translucent latticed structure. 

Beautifully presented sketches are what sells the projects. Therefore, the architects tend to make their sketches more unique, more impressive and more extraordinary. Besides, all of these architectural sketches are from different architects. Generally, they use their imagination and are not afraid to experiment with styles, colours and techniques. Thus, as you can see from the pictures below, all of these images are different from each other.  Also, the sketches are from different perspectives which give the possibility to look at them from a different angle.Beautifully Drawn Architectural Sketches

Beautifully Drawn Architectural Sketches

Finally, see the amazing sketches on the pictures below. Also, you can click the link.

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