Characteristics and Types of Columns

Studio RHE has created a 10-storey engineered timber atrium at the heart of a London office building, as shown in this exclusive footage shot by Dezeen for the architecture firm. London-based Studio RHE renovated the Import Building for Trilogy Real Estate, as the first phase of the reinvention of the Republic complex in East India Quay. The building

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Characteristics are the qualities of a particular object, person or a thing. More precisely, in this post you can learn something more about the types and their qualities. Firstly, there are several general types of columns: stool columns, concrete columns or wood/timber columns. Secondly, according to the shape, the columns can be circular (more decorative) or square/triangular for more broad use. Third, depending on the length the columns can be long or short. Next, based on the moments, the columns can be biaxial columns and uniaxial columns.

Characteristics and Types of Columns

Characteristics and Types of Columns

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