Circle-Line Art School Teaches us to Draw

  Nautilus Houseboats have designed ‘Nautino Maxi’, a modern houseboat that’s large enough to sleep up to 6 people.   Designed and made in Berlin, the houseboat has two outdoor spaces, one deck at the back of the boat and a roof top deck. Large sliding doors open to create an indoor/outdoor environment. Inside, there’s […]

Circle-Line Art School narrates an amazing way to teach us to draw. More precisely, to draw a room using one-point perspective. For that purpose, you need a dot in the center of the paper, and from this dot many lines come out and intermingle. You should draw one rectangle which will represent the furthest wall of the room. Next, you should follow the lines to reach the depth and make the room with a perspective. All of the elements and the furniture in the room must follow these lines.Circle-Line Art School Teaches us to Draw

Circle-Line Art School Teaches us to Draw

See the tutorial below and try to draw your own room with one-point perspective.


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