Clever DIY Ideas for Your Garden

Originally built in 1911 according to a standard design by the architect Hercules Beccari, this school occupies one of the central blocks of the Joanópolis municipality, and is situated among the most representative buildings of the historical center of the city. Its symmetrical implantation in the center of the court, set at half height of the slope, imposes a remarkable presence of the small original nucleus, composed of only four classrooms divided in two symmetrical wards, divided in that time between feminine and masculine ward.

Clever ideas and projects can make your home far more better. You surely want to know how? Well, in this post you will see several genius ideas that are easy and awesome. Also, these ideas are do it yourself projects and they are budget friendly. First, if you have girls or you are lover of the nature and the butterfly, why not make butterflies with stones? They will lead you through the garden and make it more fun. Also, you can make your paths with previously made molds.Clever DIY Ideas for Your Garden

Clever DIY Ideas for Your Garden

See the examples on the pictures below.


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