Delightful Plan for a Two-Story Home

A number of midcentury architects, including William Krisel, Albert Frey, Richard Neutra and Hal Lacy, made their mark designing in the progressive desert landscape of Palm Springs, California. Lacy designed this year’s Modernism Week showcase house. Although...

Delightful plan which results with an amazing family home with two floors. As you can see here, the exterior of the house, the facade and the greenery around it remind us to a fairy tale. On the other hand, the interior is maximally used and practical. Furthermore, the house has a patio and garage, and big connected family area. On the second floor, there are two big bedrooms, a bathroom and an spacious office.Delightful Plan for a Two-Story Home

Delightful Plan for a Two-Story Home

Finally, see the rendered images below. Also, you can see the detailed plans with the layout and the dimensions of the home. If you are interested, click the link.


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