Exhibition of Amazing Architectural Models

AutoCAD 2011 introduced the transparency property for objects. Transparency gives you the opportunity to create presentation-ready drawings. You can draw an object that is up to 90% transparent. Here you see some trees filled with a 60%-transparent solid fill.


As with other object properties, you should use the Layer Properties Manager to create a [...]

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Exhibition is a very important element in the career of any architect or artist. Obviously, the collections are a presentation of the work and the effort of the professionals. Also, their designs are a reflection of their endless imagination. Thus, here in this post you can see a collection of architectural models that reflect all of the above mentioned. Generally, all of the architectural models are a totally unique projects. Moreover, these designs have a futuristic design, irregular shapes, and modern concepts. Exhibition of Amazing Architectural Models

Exhibition of Amazing Architectural Models

In conclusion, see the amazing architectural models on the several pictures in this post. In addition, for more models, click the link below.


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