Real-life Proportions for a Plan

This is a fairly simple wheel with a center tube for an axle/pole, a rim, and 6 holes. You can create a 3D wheel like this entirely with cylinders! Watch this 9-minute video tutorial and follow along to create it from scratch yourself.

You’ll learn how to:

Create cylinders: Cylinders are an obvious choice for [...]

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Real-life scale is not a joke! The amazing architects have a great vision in their minds and they realized their ideas in the most fun way. They use 1:1 scale for their plans. Obviously, they need more space to draw them, but the final result has quite a big effect and impact. Maybe these plans are not as practical as the regular ones, but they surely are more fun and it is easier to visualize. Real-life Proportions for a Plan

Real-life Proportions for a Plan

See the pictures of the huge plans, and if you want more information for the architects who did them and how they did them click the link below.


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