Small-Scale Bathrooms Deserve good Designs

A single-family dwelling. A 1500 m2 plot of land in Trofa. From Rua do Carvalhinho to the north, the topography drops 2.4 m to the adjacent road to the south, the EN104. In the east, the elevation of the abutting soil rises 2 m above the land. We demolished the old farming house facing the road made of soft stone and clay with a packed earth floor. An urban annoyance. We kept the square schist well, the old fruit tree and the location of the old accesses to the land on the north and south sides.

Small-scale bathrooms can often scare the owners and those who should design it or redecorate it. But, all the good professionals can be very creative and can find the most practical and the most adequate design. If you find these professionals and you have some idea, everything is possible. For example, in this post you can see such inspirational designs that you would want to redecorate yourself. All of these tiny bathrooms have all the necessary and modern elements. Plus, they have enough space for functioning. Small-Scale Bathrooms Deserve good Designs

Small-Scale Bathrooms Deserve good Designs

See these modern designs and assure yourself about their beautiful design.


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