Stepped Foundations Description

eklund_terbeek designs a spacious apartment in a former school. Rotterdam based firm eklund_terbeek architects designed a spatial loft in a former school building from 1912. The building has been transformed into six apartments through Collective Private Commissioning. eklund_terbeek architects were responsible for the transformation of the whole building and designed one apartment in detail. The apartment consists of two former classrooms and the adjacent hallway zone. The wall between the two classrooms is removed to create a large loft-like living space. The ceiling height of five meters offered possibilities for creating new intermediate floors and more intimate areas. In addition to the characteristic mushroom-shaped windows between classroom and corridor, a few strategically placed new openings create sightlines and increase the sense of spatiality and light.

Stepped foundations are in places where the side is slopped. For that purpose, footings have to be with steps. Normally, there are certain dimensions that should be followed. The steps should have at least 2ft. On the other hand, the step heights should not be bigger than three-quarters of step length. Also, the vertical footing sections should be 6 inches in thickness. During this procedure, the architects and the engineers should follow the procedure and the steepness of the landscape where the constructions are started.Stepped Foundations Description

Stepped Foundations Description

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