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Renovation of Jing’an Business Building / ArchUnits

July 12, 2019 Collin Chen 0

Shanghai-based young architectural office ArchUnits has recently completed the exterior and interior renovation of an office building near Shanghai Jing’an Temple. The original building, built in the 1990 and packed with crowded small office rooms, has been transformed into a new type of office community of openness, communication and sharing – MORE Huashan.

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Panorama – Airtime Bridge Building / Marc Mimram

July 12, 2019 Andreas Luco 0

The building thus becomes a bridge-building resting on either side of the tracks, which are 58 meters apart, its 16,000 tons being suspended above the trains. The effect of this structural arrangement is liberating, making it possible to make particular use of gravitational stresses. Since the stresses are concentrated in the floors forming the bridging structure, the other parts of the building are free. This choice of structural design makes it possible to develop comfortable tertiary spaces. The different areas and spaces extending from the office areas open onto the city or are screened from it by the use of corbelling. The beams of the main bridging are concentrated in the floors with façades pierced with a pattern recalling the Vierendeel beams used. The terraces included on the suspended or supported floors are freely varied.

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Zalando Headquarters / HENN + Kinzo Architekten GmbH

July 11, 2019 Daniel Tapia 0

The new Zalando Headquarters consists of an ensemble of two buildings that form the heart of the company’s new campus in Berlin– Friedrichshain, neighboring the “Mercedes-Benz-Arena” and the East Side Gallery. The design of the seven-story building, accommodating a total of 43,000 m² of office space. Rather than forming a closed block, it assumes an open and transparent presence in the city, creating a striking expression and matching the company’s identity. The wrap-around glass façade which embraces the carved architectural volume like brackets is a fundamental part of the design. It is this reinterpretation of the traditional Berlin block, created by rotating the building layout diagonally to the urban-development plan, that enabled a design solution to be found with which the building unfolds towards the city.

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Stacked zinc boxes form multi-generational house in Melbourne

July 10, 2019 Jon Astbury 0
Wellington Street Mixed Use by Matt Gibson Architecture and Design

Australian architect Matt Gibson has created a multi-generational home from a stack of zinc-clad boxes on a narrow infill site in Melbourne. According to the architect multi-generational living, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia, lent itself to the thin site on Wellington Street. The irregularly stacked boxes that form the house allow it to be segmented vertically to cater

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Vo Trong Nghia Architects connects six triangular pavilions to create zigzag office

July 9, 2019 Jon Astbury 0
Viettel Offsite Studio by Vo Trong Nghia VTN Architects

Vo Trong Nghia Architects has completed a series of six triangular concrete pavilions connected by a low block of office spaces for Vietnamese telecommunications group Viettel. Ho-Chi Minh City-based Vo Trong Nghia Architects arranged the large concrete pavilions, which have V-shaped sections, in to a zigzag formation. The tall concrete slabs are connected by a single-storey office block. The

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Note Design Studio includes recharge room in central London co-working space for TOG

July 9, 2019 Natasha Levy 0
Summit House by Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio has fashioned warm and tactile interiors for central London co-working space Summit House, which includes a room where stressed workers can recharge. Summit House is located in a garden square set back from the traffic of Holborn and accommodates a series of workspaces, meeting rooms and private offices run by co-working company

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Saba Office Building / 7Hoor Architecture Studio

July 7, 2019 Pilar Caballero 0

Tehran is growing through the transformation of small family houses to apartment buildings, destroying the city view and resulting in limited depth of view in new buildings. Modern buildings in Tehran are usually the same shapes covered with different envelopes. In this project, we tried to break normal boundaries of construction and incorporate architectural strategies responsive to its surroundings to create more interactive life-style by focusing on environmental factors like light, view and topography.

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SMA-GSM Offices / Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

July 7, 2019 Pilar Caballero 0

The history of Sordo Madaleno encompasses over eight decades of architecture and design. Having been based at Reforma 2076 in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood since the 1980s, the steady growth in the size of the teams both at the architecture studio (SMA) and the real estate development firm (GSM) made it necessary to design and build a new headquarters.