Tallest and Record-Breaking Buildings

December 23, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale Lighting Branch opened. With the theme of "Jingkou Revive", the exhibition invites artists, agricultural development experts, urban research scholars, architects, civil team building and video workers and other teams to showcase literature, exhibitions, installations, agricultural workshops and outdoor film shows , Sound workshops and other means, try to find a non-economic oriented development model and the opportunity to activate the community, but also for the moment of unknown exploration.

Tallest buildings that are in competition to break the records are currently in progress. Generally, the buildings can be tall, supertall, megatall and beyond. The latest buildings that will be build the next year will be far taller than the megatall buildings that are already recorded. The buildings that will be the new record-breaking buildings are almost double the size than the oldest tall buildings. Furthermore, we can see that nothing is impossible, that the technology is more and more advanced and that every project can be perfected.Tallest and Record-Breaking Buildings

Tallest and Record-Breaking Buildings

See some of the designs of the buildings on the pictures below.


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