Yellow Kids’ Rooms: How To Use And Combine Bright Decor

Yellow is a colour that creates wow in an interior. It also adds sunny visual warmth and evokes feelings of spring-summertime happiness. This high energy effect makes it a great hue to use in any area of the home, but particularly for kids rooms. Despite the colours feel-good factor, its bright quality can at first seem a bit daunting when using in decor. Yellow is just yearning to be used though, so we have put together this collection of yellow kids’ rooms that show how to implement it to best effect, and how to combine yellow decor and home accessories with other colours to create entirely different looks and atmosphere.

Visualizer: Len’s Decor  

The yellow elements in this kids’ bedroom have been put within a pale grey, white and light woodtone scheme. Here yellow is used as an accent rather than a dominating hue, though its brightness still does overrule the other relaxed tones. The headboard feature wall is covered in Swiss crosses, which create a quirky pattern on which to situate a pitched wood and yellow headboard and a dreamy thought bubble shaped wooden wall clock.

A yellow stripe runs across closets, a childs’ desk and along the lower quarter of one grey wall. The vividity is neutralised by larger volumes of smooth grey and pale wood tone.

A yellow bedroom pendant light and kids’ desk chair add splashes of sunshine to the grey room.

Star motifs and house themed decor accessories, along with the Swiss cross pattern, challenge the brightest hue for attention.

Sage green is a highly effective neutraliser for bright yellow.

This kids’ room decor scheme uses sage green, yellow and white in equal amounts to achieve the perfect balance of light and shade. Green window blinds match the unique twin platform bed. Below the window, desk chairs at a white double workspace have been tipped with a yellow crown.

Apart from one pillow on the bed, all of the colour is confined to one butterscotch corner in this interior. The rest of the room is concrete grey finished with monochrome wall art and a black bedroom pendant light.

Motivational art is given the spotlight in a lemon alcove. Blue volumes boldly frame either side of the zesty feature wall.

Colour is used to help divide the space in this shared kids’ room. Royal blue areas mark each kids sleep zone, whilst a wedge of sunshine marks the communal space between.

Feature storage has been specially crafted for this yellow and blue kids’ room; fitted with a humorous selection of mismatched painted doors it looks as though peeled from the pages of a story book. A blue desk matches the main frame of the storage cupboard, whilst the kid’s chair matches a white cloud shaped mat.

The kids’ beds are a bespoke bunk bed design with storage drawers that run on beneath a tandem bench seat. The solid look of the dark blue and yellow bunk beds is lightened by a pale pink backdrop.

This yellow, pink and blue childs’ room has a water themed decor scheme. The yellow bed is reminiscent of a yellow submarine beneath the waves – and whales! Blue and white striped curtains add to the nautical theme.

The small proportions of this kids’ bedroom have been filled with dark blue decor and yellow accents. The triple aspect windows bathe the scheme in plenty of natural light.

This predominantly white bedroom harbours many colourful pieces, but it’s the chartreuse accent wall, yellow pillows and unique wall shelf that most strongly attract the eye.

Shared bedrooms for a boy and girl can be tricky. This one incorporates units of blue and pink to mark out ownership of desk chairs and beds, and is pulled together by gender neutral yellow and aqua decor.

Yellow and aqua decor makes a stunning addition to a monochrome kids’ room scheme.

Introduce a few confident yellow accents with larger areas of pale aqua to cool the hue.

When using very dark blue in a yellow room, the blue shade should be used on a smaller scale to keep the room looking light and fresh.

Yellow and aqua decor promotes a happy summer vibe as it reminds us of sun, sand and tropical oceans. The random polka dots on this headboard feature wall add to the fun factor too. It can’t be fun 24-7 though, so a yellow desk chair sits at a white kids’ desk, equipped with a designer table lamp.

The work area inside this yellow room is marked out with a blue painted section. A grey table lamp adorns a white and woodtone desk and adjoining shelves. Some cute wall art pulls the two different coloured sections together.

On the other side of the room, a sliver of yellow echoes the bright feature wall opposite. Brown accents match with the wooden features in the room.

Visualizer: Monochrome Bureau  

A yellow and light blue bedroom receives base notes in the form of a charcoal coloured bed and area rug. An unusual bedside table lamp sits on a grey drawer unit.

Visualizer: Fedor Nikitenko  

Amp up the yellow wow factor in a comic book themed room.

Bedside shelves have been fitted into yellow alcoves.

A yellow bed throw keys a plain grey bed into the lively scheme.

Yellow baseboards run around this sunny interior.

Designer: Mitaka Dimov  

Yellow and white bedrooms are crisp and uplifting. Add in some monochrome pattern for extra interest.

Most of the yellow elements are held together as one continuous line in this child’s bedroom.

Visualizer: Ira Harbaruk  

A black AIM pendant light shines over a wooden desk and onto canary closets.

Visualizer: Ira Harbaruk  

Yellow kids’ storage units stand out against a grey wall.

Visualizer: Archi Studio  

This Star Wars home decor is energised by matte gold. If you like this look, check out these dark themed kids rooms.

Visualizer: Anastasiya Shablinskaya  

Get creative with your kid’s decor and incorporate items into a 3D wall mural, like this deer shaped wall sconce and fluttering white butterflies, which you can get here.

Visualizer: Beata Pawluk  

Yellow and black music themed decor is sure to please a teenager.

Use a little yellow paint to create geometric wall decor.

Designer: Chloé Fleury  
Photographer: Nicki Sebastian  

Introduce colour with paper craft animal heads.

Designer: Amandine & Jules  

A single stripe completely changes the look of a plain white room.

Yellow window shutters look like the sun is shining even when it’s dark outside.

Visualizer: Dvekati  

Of course, you can go the whole hog and paint all the walls, floor and even the ceiling completely yellow. Sharpen the look with white furniture and a couple of contrasting accents.

Visualizer: Shulga  

A blackboard feature wall is a fun way of bringing a darker element into the room.

Visualizer: Valery Kelch  

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