Sophisticated Home Design With Black, Gray, And Wood Decor

Deep chocolate and coffee tones flavor this sophisticated home design. The rich elements mingle amongst natural wood tone, black marble, and gray furnishings to create a smooth setting that oozes style. Visualized by 3DM Studio, this 184-square-meter home features a large open-plan living space with a split-level floor plan. The raised level creates desirable zoning for a kitchen, providing the cook with a clear view over the entire room. Huge windows bring in natural sunlight and wide views of the surrounding green environment. A marble-floored hallway draws a luxe look through the center of the home. Bedrooms are chic and sumptuous, decorated with contemporary wood wall paneling and high-end wallcoverings.

Massive windows wrap the living room with lush green garden views. The influx of natural daylight fills the space with a bright and uplifting ambiance, despite its dark color palette. A floating TV unit and a ceiling-mounted TV are suspended in front of an edge-to-edge window.

A modern fireplace burns at one end of the floating console unit. Lightweight white curtains frame the windows behind. The window dressings are drawn to filter strong sunlight during the day. By night, the closed drapes create a cozy atmosphere. A modern coffee table pulls the eye to the center of the living room with a rich walnut and glossy black finish.

Underneath the unique coffee table design, a bordered living room rug creates a layered look. Latticed wood wall panels and abstract artwork add interest around the perimeter of the room. A ribbon of LEDs softly highlights the edges of the focal wall.

Shades of gray and brown come together in the L-shaped sofa design, which features multicolored modules. The sofa’s split back fashions an open connection between the lounge and a formal dining area behind it.

One end of the wooden TV unit is mounted upon a luxe black and gray marble slab. The stone plinth makes a perfect display point for indoor plants in stylish planters.

Six slender dining room pendant lights are aligned above the formal dining table to evenly distribute illumination. The eye-catching lighting installation also serves to visually anchor the open-plan dining spot in place. The split-level living room elevates the kitchen zone into a commanding position.

Modern upholstered dining chairs seat up to six dinner guests with room to spare.

Out in the hallway of the home, a black and gray marble floor threads a luxurious aesthetic through the core of the home. A cognac upholstered bench enriches the color palette, along with a piece of contemporary art. Smoked mirror panels expand the sense of space in the narrow corridor design.

Inside the master bedroom, a gray upholstered bed softly contrasts with a wood-clad headboard feature wall. The focal wall is a combination of smooth and lattice wood panels; the bedside section is defined with a custom-cut mirror.

Two brass bedroom pendant lights descend in front of the mirrored panel, doubling their bright and lustrous effect. Marble flooring spreads a dramatic dark pattern across the room.

The bedroom TV wall is furnished with a freestanding media console unit. A complementary vanity table stands alongside it, paired with a floor-length mirror. LED strips highlight the side of the mirror, brightening the corner of the room.

A chic vanity stool completes the vanity ensemble. A reed diffuser and a decorative vase filled with pampas grass offer casual adornment.

The door to the walk-in wardrobe is disguised within a wall of wood cladding. Beyond the large wooden door, the dressing area is spacious and luxuriously decorated. A comprehensive wardrobe system is illuminated with light strips, which reflect upon the marble floor.

The bathroom contains a colorful terrazzo tile treatment. The terrazzo tiles fill the open shower area with a riot of pattern. A toilet cistern concealment wall breaks up the pattern with a smooth wood-clad finish.

A round bathroom mirror paints a ring of bright light against a wood and mirror-clad backsplash. The custom floor-to-ceiling mirror cladding reflects the busy tile design, making the bathroom appear deeper in proportion. A display shelf is set into a wall of storage and backlit to construct a restful focal point.

The second bedroom is papered with an elegant botanical wallcovering. Cloud-shaped pendant lights float in front. Behind the upholstered headboard, three painted wood panels wrap the corner of the room to fashion a tailored look.

The botanical wallcovering is repeated inside a bedroom workspace nook at the end of the bed.

A similar decor scheme graces the third bedroom. This time, a cluster of cloud lights floats directly above the bed.

Blush pink floral wallpaper fills the home office area on the opposite side of the room. A fresh white desk chair completes the delicate look.

This bathroom design delves deep into a dark palette with black marble walls and brown geometric wall tiles. A floating vanity unit features a latticed front, which creates cohesivity with the other wood-clad areas of the home. Two black vessel basins and elegant brass faucets sit on top.

Glossy brown geometric tiles and black marble slabs clad the wet zone around the bathtub. The contemporary bathtub and toilet bring matt gray ceramic into the materials palette. A small wall shelf keeps toiletries close to hand. A modern wall sconce offers soft mood lighting for a relaxing bubble bath.

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