Stringer Stairs that are Impressive

The third house. A house opened to sky at Dongducheon.
It’s a house of three members of family, father drives a truck and delivers mattresses, mother is convalescing at home after the cancel surgery, and a daughter who always care about family, a middle school student. Building a 40-square-meter of single house was possible for this family. However, we decided to build a three - story building with a parking lot for a truck and a rest place for mother. For she likes reading books with daughter. Also, we made a small but solid kitchen space for the mother who cooked on the outer floor because it was not ventilated. I needed a design to satisfy space such as a parking lot, a family room, 2 rooms, a toilet, a kitchen, a study, and small yard.

Stringer is a part of the steps. Normally, on the stairs there can be one or two stringers, on one or on the both sides of the steps. This depends whether the stairs are fixed on the wall or they are divided form it. Nowadays, there are endless possibilities for designing everything, among which the stairs in the homes. According to the space and the wishes of the owners, the stairs can vary in size, style, material, and colour. Here in this post you can see several different stairs. All of them have different style, but they are equally beautiful and modern.Stringer Stairs that are Impressive

Stringer Stairs that are Impressive

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